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boy or girl?

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Jessmb73 Wed 13-Jan-16 20:53:11

Hello :-)
First post and wondering if you can help? Do you think baby looks like a boy or a girl? Especially interested in nub theory! I already have a16 month old son :-)

ExitStageLeft Wed 13-Jan-16 20:55:54

I'd guess at another boy - congratulations!

Jessmb73 Wed 13-Jan-16 21:09:17

Thank you for your guess. I would love a little girl, but my husband is adamant he wants another boy!

Happyinthehills Wed 13-Jan-16 22:59:04

Yes - definitely looks like a boy, or a girl

CarShare Thu 14-Jan-16 04:11:09

Looks like a boy.

NHKX2 Thu 14-Jan-16 13:09:31

Definitely one or the other! It's a baby, congrats.

Maurice169 Thu 14-Jan-16 13:15:18

Hmm I think boy. Congrats!

BicycleMadeForTwo Thu 14-Jan-16 23:13:35

How many weeks were you? I'd guess girl from that pic.

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