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One sided braxton hicks?

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BettyBi0 Wed 13-Jan-16 20:50:41

What do your braxton hicks feel like? Can you get really one-sided ones?

I must have been completely oblivious to braxton hicks in my first pregnancy and ended up having a planned section so I've never experienced labour contractions.

I promise I'm not looking for medical advice here as if I was really worried I'd just go in to the 24hr midwife check service. --But my toddler is asleep upstairs and I really can't face that idea unless it's really necessary--.

I'm 24 weeks at the moment and today I've been having some weird pains. From Dr googling they sound like braxton hicks - really sharp crampy kind of pain, lasts less than a minute then goes away almost completely except for a really slight ache for a few mins. The closest together was roughly every 15 mins or so then a break of 3 hours then it started again when I was on my way home from work. It's very lopsided feeling though and only on my right side and cervix. If you imagine a kind of G shape cramp that goes along my right side then into my fanjo.

Does this sound like braxton hicks?

alliemarg Thu 14-Jan-16 13:19:02

I'm not sure, I have had mad braxton hicks in this pregnancy (nearly 28 weeks) and I got a lot in the last trimester last time. it's always been a massive tightening for me, like you tummy goes crazy hard and it feels like somebody is pulling an invisible corset around you. It doesn't hurt though, apart from being uncomfortable and slightly weird! The position changes depending what muscle is tightening, I've had a lot at the top of my bump lately.

I have developed a stitch like pain in this pregnancy that is one-sided and comes and goes, it tends to hurt and flare up at night and especially if I have been walking a lot. I've put this down to pelvic girdle pain as it does radiate around the bump sometimes as well.

Do of course get it checked if you are worried but BH should be painless - it sounds more to me like pelvic girdle pain.

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