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Zero appetite..

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toopeoply Wed 13-Jan-16 18:39:30

Anyone else? I'm 19 weeks and am not at all hungry. Down to really one meal a day and then I feel really uncomfortable, like there is food or something stuck in my throat. Today I've had cereal and a banana for breakfast, and a ryvita and cottage cheese. I genuinely feel full. How can this be?! I normally have a very healthy appetite. I'm not wasting away and could do with losing a few pounds so no worries there but the whole thing is really irritating. I want to enjoy normal meals but I'm forcing myself to eat anything right now.

MG35 Sun 17-Jan-16 23:36:47

Hi I'm 22 + 4 and I have been the same gained only about 4 pounds was over weight and attending slimming world lost half a stone then got PG. Iam literally having children's portions as I feel full so quickly.

I'd say keep up with snacks little often to get your 5 a day and check with your midwife that what you are having is ok.

Dh got a smoothie maker recently so I'm getting my fruit and veg that way too, easier than a big plate off food!! Xx

Jenjen86 Sun 17-Jan-16 23:45:30

Oh the food stuck in your throat feeling sounds like indigestion, if you try some gaviscon that might help? You can get it free on prescription when pregnant (I'm 38 weeks and that has been a lifesaver).
My appetite has been up and down so just do.your best as much and as healthily as possible (easier said than done but baby needs those calories and nutrients, even if you don't feel like you do). I have preferred snacking to big meals so maybe try smaller more frequent meals instead? I know you didn't mean it as the point of your post but please don't be thinking or worrying about losing weight until after baby gets here smile

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