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Toning and excersise whilst pregnant?

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Saphwoodman Wed 13-Jan-16 15:53:30

2016 was my year to get toned and in shape but I've turned out pregnant so belly will have to wait. I'm not over weight on average. Size 10 on top 12 on bottom with small waist and big hips/bum. I don't want to loose weight from my legs hips and bum just want to tone as its a bit fatty and ideally would like more muscle and definition in thighs and bum. Is it safe to do mild Weight excersise? Low weight Dumbbells and toning excersise routines combined with a high protein but still healthy for baby diet?

Any tips or advise? And could this work considering I'm pregnant? I know my stomach and waist won't get any smaller but just want to tone all the other areas really so when I give birth I can concentrate just on my belly!

Saphwoodman Wed 13-Jan-16 15:55:07

my non pregnant waist is 28 inches and my hips are 43 inches! So when I was pregnant last time I just looked fat because waist and belly had expanded and looked more proportionate to my hips rather than my usual pear shape! Want to avoid that happening again!

clarabellski Wed 13-Jan-16 16:14:05

I believe the usual advice is that if you are already competent at a particular exercise, then you can continue to do it during pregnancy just keeping an eye on your exertion levels etc.

If you've never done the exercise before or are starting exercising regularly again after a gap, I'd recommend speaking to a professional (either health worker or if you can afford it, a personal trainer experienced with pregnant ladies).

I've done weight exercise (body weight and using freeweights) during my entire pregnancy, adjusting the weight the more pregnant I got, but I had been doing these exercises for years before becoming pregnant so it was just continuing with what my body was used to.

Incidentally, swimming is a great way to generally tone your body up and is recommended by health professionals for pregnancy.

Expectantrobot Wed 13-Jan-16 16:29:26

I bought this book:

and have been doing the exercises one or two times a week along with swimming and some pregnancy pilates classes. I wouldn't say I look "toned" at 29 weeks now, but I do feel like I'm predominately bump (with a bit of extra thigh and bum post-Christmas, oops...)

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