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Brewers diet yes or no?

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cheekstime Wed 13-Jan-16 15:51:35


The last couple of days I looked at my diet. I had palpations early in 1st trimester and always had muscle twitching. The palps loads better as broadened diet but twitching always the same. Think it may be lack of salt, so trying to incorporate it bit more.

Anyway, I came across Dr. Brewers USA diet plan. I have been on it for two days and feel a load better in general on it. (too early to tell if twitching gone completely but an improvement)

Wondered what anyone elses experiences was on it? whether any good or not? Whether your a seasoned pro on it?

Some of the reading on it says its a bit controversial, really reaching out some some experienced mummys, bump ladies or people in th eknow..

Thank you v much for any help


Fifi10 Wed 13-Jan-16 17:20:10

Never heard of it before- is it a diet plan where you cook your own meal from receipes or do you buy in meals?

I'd mention it to mw when you see her next maybe? I think anything you eat needs to fit in with your general pregnancy food rules- low vit a, no pate, no raw meat, no unpasteurised dairy etc., taking folic acid

cheekstime Wed 13-Jan-16 18:07:47

Hi Fifi10,

On diet you cook your own meals, including certain things from certain food groups and set stuff like 2 eggs a day, 1 vit c food and quite a lot of emphasis put on protein.

thanks yes will make sure I mention to MW. It fits in with other rules, thing that stood out to me is that quite a lot of food but my appetite always been pretty poor.


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