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so tired

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applesvpears Tue 12-Jan-16 23:35:27

I hardly sleep at the moment anyway. (Toilet trips and general disturbed sleep) I have found out today I have a water infection too. ( I have had toilet trips throughout so it is not the infection causing that). I am laying in bed with dreadful heartburn and no gaviscon or rennies left. And my lovely bambino is moving loads which is SO nice but l it gives me a jolt at times. Generally feeling very uncomfortable and want to sleep. Anyone else joining me?grin

Teddypom Wed 13-Jan-16 00:01:54

Hi! I've woken with horrible heartburn tonight!
Baby is happily kicking away and I am pretty uncomfortable too.
I'll probably be awake for some time now - happens every night now.
Poor you with an infection - that's rotten.
How many weeks are you? I'm 32. xxx

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