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2nd dc due - snuzpod - anyone used one (last dc would never sleep in moses basket...)

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milkyman Tue 12-Jan-16 19:19:37

2nd ds due soon - really dislike moses baskets. Heard good things about snuzpods - anyone used one? Probably bottle feeding so up in the night but still like the idea of a co-sleeper.

Mumberjack Tue 12-Jan-16 19:39:50

I'm interested in this too - I'm likely to need a c section with this baby so a co-sleeper would be handy (getting up and down through the night to haul DD out of a Moses basket wasn't nice!).

Junosmum Tue 12-Jan-16 19:43:33

We have one DC won't settle in it, but will settle in his moses basket. All babies are different.

I like the co-sleeper element of it and hope he'll settle soon (he's 10 days old).

Junosmum Tue 12-Jan-16 19:44:59

My biggest issue is that you have to shuffle down the bed to get out!

Callthemodwife Tue 12-Jan-16 19:45:35

We have a sleepyhead for DS2. He's a better sleeper than DS1 ( not difficult) but not sure how much is due to the sleepyhead. I like it but not sure I'll join the legions of people who rave about them!

TinyMonkey Tue 12-Jan-16 19:56:51

Yeah, I had one, it was great. Daughter stayed in it until she was about five months.

Junosmum, you could try making a little nest using a rolled up blanket or towel under the sheet. When they are really tiny they tend to just want to be on you, but a u-shaped nest can help settle them in a crib.

thegoldenlemon Tue 12-Jan-16 20:06:44

I have one, with a sleepyhead in it. It is really nicely made. I have loved that I can just reach across and touch him, hold his hand etc. I'm too nervous to fully co sleep whilst he's so tiny so this feels like the next best thing. I had visions of sleepily pulling him across to feed but I end up getting up to change his nappy anyway and the sleepyhead, which he loves, gets in the way a bit anyway. You do have to shuffle down the bed but after a c section I found the wooden post handy for lifting myself up. I miss my bedside table too. Also it puts you very very close to the snuffles/grunts etc. I can't imagine not having it or moving him now.

MaisieDotes Tue 12-Jan-16 21:26:24

I have one, I used it for the first 5 months or so with DS, and I have it ready to go again for this baby (I'm 37+6).

I loved the fact that the baby was right beside me without the worry of having him actually in the bed.

Agree with junosmum about shuffling down the bed though! Also my bedside table had to be moved out of reach for the duration smile

JellyBaby26 Wed 13-Jan-16 08:36:55

We have a next to me which is similar. She's still in it at nearly 8 months and I only moved it to the end of the bed 3 days ago.

I love having her next to me and get upset at the thought of her going in her own room!

Can highly recommend co sleepers though. Really handy for wake ups when milk isn't needed etc especially if it's chilly out of the covers!

ChicaMomma Wed 13-Jan-16 11:44:37

We used it too- until 7 mths! love it and it looks so cool which is a bonus.

re the bum shuffling- i didnt actually fully attach it to the bed with the straps- that way you are able to gently push it out of the way to get out of the bed, thereby avoiding the horrible bum shuffle.

milkyman Wed 13-Jan-16 17:14:34

Thanks - will prob have c section and bottle feed so think snuzpod a good choice. Wish i could find it cheaply though!

MaisieDotes Wed 13-Jan-16 17:14:40

Considering I currently need a winch to get out of bed, I'm actually looking forward to being able to shuffle again grin

Mumberjack Thu 14-Jan-16 14:25:26

The NCT are offering bednest hire for £69 at the moment (with new mattress etc). I'm thinking about doing this rather than buying a co-sleeper, mostly for the cost - think the snuzpod etc has good resale value but it depends how organised I am for selling it in a year or so.

Bexster93 Tue 26-Jan-16 14:06:30

My DD has just grown out of her snuzpod almost used it for 6 months. Really loved it, so stylish and want to use again when we have 2nd DC. It was really comforting to have her so close to me at night, and knowing she was safe. And easy to build and use.

Agree with MaisieDotes about losing the bedside table. But I see that they’ve got a new product called the pocket now. Which means the next time I use the snuzpod I’ll be able to store things in there for the night like the bottle and nappies, and some of my own things as well.

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