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Midwife issues

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RosieTheCat Tue 12-Jan-16 14:44:07

We've been trying for just over a year and got the bfp at Christmas, self estimated about 7 weeks but I could easily be 2-3 weeks out due to irregular periods

Filled out all the paperwork and handed it in at my local surgery and a week later got a call from the midwife the Dr wrote my edd in as my lmp so they thought I was 20 weeks, fixed this and booked an appointment for yesterday waited an hour at the surgery with grumpy DD to be told the midwife wasn't even in the building.

After getting home I get a text to my landline saying there must have been a diary mix up and she will call Thursday

My issue is that for the last week I've been so dizzy and faint I can barely work my lovely co workers have pitched in more to help but I'm very worried I had nothing like this with DD
The midwife isn't picking up her phone and the dr surgery can't get hold of her either so my only option is an hour to the local hospital and miss my shift tonight which would mean the business being shut, or wait a week and hope she can fit me in asap what would you do in this situation?

It doesn't help I have no trust in them after the way they handled Dds birth and after care

Figwin Tue 12-Jan-16 14:47:15

If you have no faith in them then I would switch surgeries if possible. Check the nhs website local services with your postcode to see where else you can go.

If you are staying there then book a normal emergency appointment for the fainting etc.

RosieTheCat Tue 12-Jan-16 15:15:41

Thanks figwin moving surgeries isn't an option one of the joys of living on an island my next closest would be the hospital

I will try and book an appointment with my Gp tomorrow, awkward system you have to call before 9.30 to get an appointment for that day only and that's only if you get in quick enough before their all taken, also worried they will refer me back to the midwife or send me to hospital
Last time I made a total of a trip a week minimum to be checked over on the advise of my midwife/Drs

Figwin Tue 12-Jan-16 15:59:43

That's awful. Fingers crossed you get an appointment. Midwives don't really do med stuff outside of pregnancy and birth related things so I known midwife would have just told me to book in with the Drs. Good luck x

hellsdells82 Tue 12-Jan-16 17:17:55

Hi, just thought i would leave a quick note, you dont nees to swap surgeries for a change of midwife. I had major issues with my midwife of my last pregnancy,and im now under "total care" of the hospital that is in a different county to the one i live in. What you need to do is contact the hospital to find out who the next closest midwife to you is,you do not have to join with the surgery/clinic she is linked to. As they are community based...they see different patients across a large area at any time of day/night. It just means you will jave to travel further to see her at that different surgery.
Sorry your having problems,hope you can find a way past them, it makes the whole pregnancy thing stressful when the miwife is not helpful. flowers

RosieTheCat Tue 12-Jan-16 17:56:23

Thank you hells I didn't know I could do that my DPs cousin is a midwife but is on mat leave herself now otherwise I'd ask for her she's due any day so don't want to bother her with this

Due to location there are only 2 surgerys on "my" side of the island same staff (rotated) in both so I'll be glad to try and find one who can be trusted even if I have to travel

winewolfhowls Tue 12-Jan-16 22:02:04

Hello I had hardly any symptoms when last pregnant but am really dizzy and sick as you describe. I am about sevenish weeks.i hope that's a bit reassuring?

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