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Growth scan

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misstilly Mon 11-Jan-16 19:54:03

Hi, after my second episode of reduced movement at the weekend I was sent for a scan today and am concerned by the results. the amniotic fluid index was slightly raised at 21.1cm and the femur length is now measuring small at 63.8mm. They had difficulty in measuring baby due to position and couldn't get head circumference at all. Has anyone else had this as I'm now panicking about genetic abnormalities and dwarfism. Everything has been ok up until this no GD or other complications and previous scans were all ok. I'm due to have a rescan and a consultant appointment in 2 weeks which is after my due date. If they were worried would they not have had me in sooner?

Iammad Tue 12-Jan-16 01:06:11

Hi, I'm being induced tomorrow due to reduced movements and a small for dates baby.
Babys head is only 7th centile and tummy is on the low side and efw is on 10th.
Femur is just a bit bigger then your baby's.
I don't think they really worry about fetus femur length it's the babys weight and tummy size.
Not sure about your fluid around baby as mine was messuered with the deepest pool not as a whole.
Sounds like your worried, I really wouldn't wait for two weeks maybe speak to midwife.

notfromstepford Tue 12-Jan-16 08:58:38

I don't know about AF either, but I do know that femur length is very difficult to measure accurately, my consultant doesn't tend to use it as a marker and the later in pregnancy you are the harder it is to get good measurements of anything.

And yes if they were very worried, they would have kept you in and induced you - especially at 38 weeks. They did with me and I was only 35 weeks.

I'd speak to the midwife too and see if you can get rescanned within the next few days if it'll put your mind at rest.

Panther79 Tue 12-Jan-16 09:36:27

Hi, like a pp mentioned speak to your midwife as you are worried.

My amniotic fluid index raised from 19.5 cm to 27.5 cm in two weeks and I am having a growth scan every two weeks. I was diagnosed with Polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid). This is due to gestational diabetes and I am getting induced at week 38. Baby's growth is in line with what it should be at the gestation I am though.

Please get in touch with your midwife as you are obviously worried if only just to reassure yourself. FWIW I was extremely worried about the excessive fluid and I rang the hospital and requested for my consultant appointment to be brought forward which they were able to do.
I wish you all the very best flowers

April2013 Tue 12-Jan-16 09:45:31

Hope your induction is going OK Iammad and you get some reassurance misstilly.

Notfromstepford - how was your induction at 35 weeks? Do they do anything differently when early?

I had a 28 growth scan which showed up a small efw last week so getting another scan next week, I have asthma and apparently small for gestational age and premature birth therefore more likely. Nervous about my next scan.

So what tests do they do if the baby is below 10th centile to work out what is causing this? Do they check again for abnormalities and do a Doppler scan of your placenta? Anything else? Can they tell if this is a trend from 12, 20 week scans or if the lower rate of growth is a new thing?

I had a course of steroids for asthma so wondering if that might be the cause but who knows.

The sonographer at the 28 week growth scan struggled to get the measurements as baby in a difficult position - sounds like this is common.

notfromstepford Tue 12-Jan-16 09:58:03

Hi April

I actually had a section as the little guy wouldn't have made a natural delivery and we didn't have time on our side to wait for an induction to kick in.
From what I understand if we did have more time it would have been a case of being administered the drugs and see how it goes - as with a normal induction but with the steroid shots 48 hours before hand to help develop the lungs.

SparklyTinselTits Tue 12-Jan-16 09:59:29

Struggling to get measurements is quite common.
I had a few growth scans, as my bump always measured 4-5cm under what I was meant to be. The measurements they could get, showed that dd was measuring about 2 weeks behind where she should be....I freaked out that there was something really wrong with her. I was induced at 38, as my waters broke but labour didnt start. She weighed 5lb 15oz, but other than being small, was perfectly healthy. She's still tiny for her age now at 8 months old.
If you're worried, talk to your midwife and see if you can get in sooner smile but I think your'e right in saying that if the doctors were worried, they would have you in sooner.
Hope all goes well for you OP smile

misstilly Tue 12-Jan-16 11:52:41

Thank you for your responses, I'm feeling a lot calmer today, I have looked into on google and from what I can tell although higher end of normal It's not classed as polyhydroamnios unless over 24. Femur length I'm not quite as worried about as myself and my partner are short at 5 3" and 5 5" so is probably to be expected. I hope your induction is going well lammed and everything's good at your scan April and thank you for your help

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