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Kidney Infection

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CumbriaMum91 Mon 11-Jan-16 00:17:41

I'm 34 weeks, I've had 3 UTI's in the past 2 month, 2 of which were horrific, 1 of which I got no symptoms for but had the results of infection in my urine.

I had a kidney infection in my last pregnancy and remember being hospitalised but I wasn't very far on and got sent home after 48 hrs with antibiotics.

Today I'm having severe pain in my back at my bottom left ribcage, sharp pains in my vagina or urethra (can't figure out which) and I've been dizzy and sick for a day or so. I feel like im overheating and sweaty but DP says I'm not hot to the touch.

I wasn't concerned until the pain came along because I've been dizzy and sick with anemia anyway which I take iron for.

Thing is I have a midwife appointment tomorrow (technically today, monday) at 2pm anyway. Should I just wait it out or should I be contacting someone asap?

KnitsBakesAndReads Mon 11-Jan-16 00:51:32

Could you call your maternity unit and get some advice from a midwife? I know kidney infections during pregnancy can be quite serious so with your symptoms and having had several UTIs recently I'd probably try to get some expert advice ASAP rather than waiting until your appointment.

If you do wait until tomorrow would it be worth you trying to get an emergency GP appointment before you see the midwife? If you do have either a UTI or kidney infection then my understanding is that the midwife would have to arrange for you to see a GP (or hospital doctor) for treatment anyway.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

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