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Predictions on Gender - 13 Week Scan

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sydneypatrice Sun 10-Jan-16 14:18:41

Hey, I just had my NT scan today, sonographer couldn't get a good angle of bubbahs genital area, althought I thought i saw 3 lines a couple of times during the scan, this is my first pregnancy so I haven't got anything to compare bubbah to, by the look of her or him what do you guys think, boy or girl!! smilesmile

OnGoldenPond Sun 10-Jan-16 19:05:49

It's unusual to be able to tell the gender at the first scan even for a qualified sonography. Can usually tell at 20 week scan.

Not really any use trying to guess yourself as if the professional couldn't tell then it's unlikely you will be able to. It can be difficult to interpret those pictures- those lines could be something completely different.

My SIL commented at her 20 week scan that she could see the baby was definitely a boy as she could see his enormous willy. The sonographer told her she was looking at the umbilical cord! grin

mrsjskelton Mon 11-Jan-16 10:02:49

Boy! This is a girl -

OnGoldenPond Mon 11-Jan-16 10:05:50

Eh? How do you know Mrs Kelton? confused

OP, I wouldn't make any plans on that prediction though it has a 50% chance of being correct!

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