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NUB theory ... I can't see it !!!!!

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chestylaroo Sun 10-Jan-16 14:03:31

I would really love to see what everyone is talking about but I'm clearly blind to where the nub is !... Anyone able to hazard a guess and point it out to me ?

chestylaroo Wed 13-Jan-16 04:15:43

Anyone ?

pullthecracker Wed 13-Jan-16 06:28:07

I can't see anything personally, but I would advise you to retake your pictures and start a new thread. I can see your name, date of birth and the hospital that you are booked at. This is a public forum and anyone can see this. Congratulations on a healthy pregnancy

Givinguph0pe Wed 13-Jan-16 09:05:59

I can see a nub in the first picture and it looks girly.

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