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tinyme135 Sun 10-Jan-16 11:27:40

I've read different stories on line so wanted to have some advice. I'm 40 weeks today and have bad thrush, being a Sunday the docs are closed. can having thrush when in labour affect the baby? or am I just being paranoid?

sizethree Sun 10-Jan-16 15:00:56

I had thrush when pregnant and went to the dice who prescribed Canesten. You can use the pessary thrush treatment but you can't use the applicator. Just use clean hands and pop it up.
Do you have a large supermarket near you as they often have pharmacies in them open on Sundays?
Not too sure whether you can pass it into babies vaginally. It makes sense for it to be possible but I only know of thrush in babies mouth and in nipples when breastfeeding.

Paperblank Sun 10-Jan-16 17:49:32

I sent DH to get me a canesten pessary and cream pack as you can't purchase it over the counter if you're pregnant.

Dr should prescribe it and fx it'll be sorted before your baby puts in an appearance.

Hope you aren't suffering too much - the last bout I had drove me crackers!

seven201 Sun 10-Jan-16 18:47:59

I think you can pass thrush onto the baby in labour but it's quite easy to treat the baby if they do get it. Get a pessary tonight (send a non pregnant person to a late night chemist to get one and tell them to not mention you're pregnant) then ring the dr in the morning. That's what I'd do anyway.

I've been prescribed lots of pessaries whilst pregnant but pharmacies won't give one to a pregnant lady without a prescription. Insert with a finger, not the applicator as someone else said.

hewy Sun 10-Jan-16 23:11:26

I got flu and chest infection over Christmas so doc prescribed antibiotics which were great, but gave me thrush. Never had it before and couldn't cope by bedtime. Sent dh to Tesco for canesten at 11.30 last night and got the internal and external cream combo. The relief is unbelievable! 😀 I'll see nurse tomorrow and let her know but checked a lot of online discussions and canesten seems to be safe during pregnancy if you're careful with/don't use the applicator. Don't be a hero-get the medication before the shops shut tonight!

tinyme135 Sun 10-Jan-16 23:16:00

That's good then. gonna get MIL to get me it while she's out tomorrow morning. it's driving me crazy

tinyme135 Sun 10-Jan-16 23:16:44

there was nowhere by me that was open late to get it DP had a look round before heading home after work.

JE1234 Sun 10-Jan-16 23:18:02

It is miserable and such a curse in pregnancy. I don't know for sure but I told my midwife I had it (I'm 36 weeks) and her response was, "we better get that cleared up, you don't want to share that with the baby." So I am guessing so.

Flingingmelon Sun 10-Jan-16 23:21:21

I vaguely recall my midwife saying similar and telling me that after about 36/38 weeks you can use any treatment as it would be too late to affect the baby.

In the short term a bit of yogurt might help?

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