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Bad back not getting any sleep :-(

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suffolkblonde29 Sun 10-Jan-16 10:55:26

I'm 28 weeks pregnant and really struggling with a bad back, especially at night.

It was happening occasionally over the last few months but the last few days it's been so bad that I've had to take paracetamol to get to sleep and am only sleeping in 2.5 hour bursts and having to get up and do exercises before trying to go back to bed. I only got 5 hours sleep last night and am absolutely exhausted - don't know how I'll cope with work if it carries on.

I've got a swiss ball and pregnancy pillow...does anyone have any other tips for easing the pain?

Blueturquoise Sun 10-Jan-16 10:57:02

Physio and swimming 3 times a week worked for me

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