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Moan about my darling mother in law!

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SophieC13 Sun 10-Jan-16 10:52:34

I'm really sorry! I'm about it really moan!

My mother in law is making me feel as if I don't have a clue, she's acting all high and mighty and explaining things I thought were common sense!

We are in the middle of buying a house and she suggested to my husband that his mum and dad would love to put money towards it, my husband said no and so now she is insisting on paying for things we quite frankly don't need help with!! I'm not being ungrateful but anything she buys is "hers" my stupid husband told her the pram we liked but explained we were going to wait until the house had gone through. Yesterday the pram was delivered to her house, the pram I have the money for and now she's insisting I can only look at it when she is there. Then worst of all she is telling all of his family mainly his sister she is buying things for us because we can't afford it!! I'm now being asked by his equally as irritating sister why we got pregnant if we can't afford it! We planned this baby so WE COULD!sad We can afford it and she's just stressing me out!! Sorry ladies I needed to say it somewhere!sad

SpecialStains Sun 10-Jan-16 10:58:23

Send the pram back and any other unwanted presents? There should be a returns address on the box.
Just stop telling her things.

Jinglebells99 Sun 10-Jan-16 11:03:17

It's not worth getting stressed over. If you can afford to buy the things you want, then just buy them when you intended to. Your mil can just send back the extra versions she has ordered. She does sound controlling and if she is like this now, she might be worse when the baby arrives. It really sounds like she is being ridiculous. Can't believe she has bought a pram and won't let you look at it. I wouldn't tell her anything else about what you are buying, but just get on with it.

FeckTheMagicDragon Sun 10-Jan-16 11:03:42

Buy your pram, with your money. Stop telling her stuff. Remind her that she's had her go with baby's, and while you will welcome her support, and will ask for it if it needed, you and your DH will be the new parents.
What does your DH say about all this?

KeyboardMum Sun 10-Jan-16 18:47:15

I can't stand people like that. No doubt she thinks that she will be able to trade the material items she got you whilst pregnant for more time and special treatment with the baby when s/he arrives? Get your OH to have a word now before it gets worse.

ZenNudist Sun 10-Jan-16 18:58:16

I try to give sensible answers. So I'd say that much as the temptation would be to order another pram just go and look at it in a shop (don't give MIL satisfaction) if you need to look at it now before baby gets here. Send dh round near your due date to make it up and being it home. Otherwise forget about it.

As for SIL you out her straight that you can afford a baby. If MIL tries to buy you anything else just say no thanks and don't give her enough detail that she can go and get things.

I know it's annoying but just try and ignore her and forget about it. Don't be guilted into anything.

Chelsey24 Sun 10-Jan-16 19:18:48

I think in situations like this you just Have to be brutal and honest, it's so unfair of her to cause such stress at what should be the best time of your life.

Once you've had your little one you definitely won't accept her controlling things!

Your partner/husband needs to support you tho, it's his mum and he should be telling her so that you don't have to. X

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Mon 11-Jan-16 13:10:40

Get DH to tell her the baby would really like a Maserati ............

Everythinggettingbigger Mon 11-Jan-16 14:38:11

my MIL was like this the first time round, if she bought anything it had to be kept in her house (we were living with my parents at the time and she was insanely jealous) she would tell me I had had my turn in the day and wouldn't let me near my DS tea time onwards. I actually hated going there.

She has seriously calmed down now, im now 21 weeks with 2nd DS my DS1 is 5, but it did take me finally having enough and stopping talking to her for a couple of months for her to realise how bad she was being.

Sorry to say but it does sound like you are going to have to stand your ground so she backs off!

aimees75 Mon 11-Jan-16 14:38:25

It sounds a bit annoying but on the grand scheme of things not really worth getting worked up over. Keep the pram, look at it when you want to (it is now yours after all) and use the money you had intended to spend on it for something else.

goldglitter Mon 11-Jan-16 14:42:09

Seriously. Buy your own pram. Get the pram she bought sent back. Explain it was a lovely gesture but YOU and your HUSBAND would like to be the ones to buy the baby's 1st pram.

Seriously - get this behaviour stopped and nipped in the bud now before she gets worse!

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