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Getting a full nights sleep

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Chelsey24 Sun 10-Jan-16 10:02:33


I'm 34 weeks now and sleep has become almost non-existent now! Does anyone have any good tips for a better nights sleep, or for any sleep at all! I'm still working until week 36 and shattered.


ScarletBegonia1234 Sun 10-Jan-16 10:17:58

I had terrible hip pain by that point just couldn't get comfortable. I bought the thickest memory foam mattress topper from amazon it was amazing! Definitely helped me loads

Whatwillbexo Sun 10-Jan-16 18:24:19

Pregnancy pillows are life savers! I've had mine since about 20 weeks (I'm 37+1 now) and sleep isn't a problem and I suffer from arthritis in my back! (Which becomes very painful when pillow is not in use)

SnackPlease Sun 10-Jan-16 18:33:22

38 weeks here and afraid I've just given up. If I have a shit night I get up, make a little pillow fort on the sofa and watch crap off the sky planner. Depressing but I'm guessing I might as well get used to it.

Iammad Sun 10-Jan-16 19:11:05

And me I'm just coming up to 39 weeks and I get prob one night a week sleep now.
I get a few hours on the other nights so I just give up and get up now.
Can not even sleep during the day as have children to get to school and a rather active 14 month old.
One of the joys of pregnancy I'm afraid.

Chelsey24 Sun 10-Jan-16 19:11:30

I have tried using the pregnancy pillow from about 20 weeks and end up just fighting with it sad
I think that's my best bet, just taking myself downstairs as I just get more and more frustrated when I lie there and keep trying to get comfy. Bump is just so big now!
I finish work in two weeks so I guess once I have my days free it won't be as difficult.

Thanks ladies

SweepTheHalls Sun 10-Jan-16 19:12:51

I'm afraid I just gave up and read my kindle from about 3am every morning! However..... I now get much more sleep with my 11 day old than I did when pregnant which is great!

Haggisfish Sun 10-Jan-16 19:17:35

Apparently it's your body getting you ready for the constant night wakings of a newborn! Bloody awful-I remember if well.

NotSoFancyNancy Sun 10-Jan-16 19:18:27

I slept between 2-4 hours a night for the last half of my 3 pregnancies. Just gave up in the end and read a lot. 3/4 books per week. Had a sneaky nap here and there during the day to help.

Chelsey24 Sun 10-Jan-16 19:21:39

Haha a few people that have just had babies have told me the same, that they are sleeping better now!

I guess I should prepare myself for it to be like this until he's here now then. And maybe invest in a lot of books!

My bank account is taking a bashing as I'm waking up and baby shopping online when I've given up on the sleep!

All be worth it though smile

waxweasel Mon 11-Jan-16 09:10:02

I am already at that stage at 27 weeks sad I find myself raging inwardly at my stupid body 'getting me ready for the night wakings of a newborn' as my toddler STILL wakes me up multiple times a night! So I'm definitely not in need of any more helpful acclimatising, thank you mother nature. Between DD and my bump I'm lucky to get a couple of hours some nights. Last night was particularly bad so I am feeling v despondent about going into work this morning...

Hope you get some rest soon! X

ispymincepie Mon 11-Jan-16 09:14:06

With you Waxweasel, it's rubbish isn't it?!

MaisieDotes Mon 11-Jan-16 09:16:20

37+5 here, also have toddler and older child and a useless bladder!

I put a folded up single duvet under the sheet on my side of the bed and it's actually made a big difference! I'm not sure if I'm waking up less but bed is at least restful now whereas before it wasn't.

mrsjskelton Mon 11-Jan-16 09:35:33

Short answer - no! I'm shattered! brew
39 weeks so it's only going to get worse!!!

YouBastardSockBalls Mon 11-Jan-16 09:38:23

You'll get more sleep when the baby comes.

I did anyway!

Chelsey24 Mon 11-Jan-16 11:29:42

Ah might try that Maisiedotes. I've been using a pillow but it's too thick and I feel like it raises my bump up too much. No happy medium!

Last night I got up and had a warm bath and set up camp downstairs. I eventually gave it another go in bed at about 5am and drifted off for a few hours do better than nothing I guess.

allthegoodnamesalreadytaken Mon 11-Jan-16 11:33:22

I keep a glass of milk by the bed and every time I wake up I take a swig - I find it helps me drift back off a lot quicker (used to be up for 3 hours at a time). I also sometimes go into our guest room and listen to a meditation / sleep app on my phone helps me drift off again.

Runningupthathill82 Mon 11-Jan-16 11:35:27

YouBastard - lucky you!! When I was pregnant with DC1 I didn't think it was possible to be any more tired than I was in the third trimester. Then he arrived....!

And I realised that the main difference was, in late pregnancy I was awake all night but at least nobody was shouting at me. With a new baby, I was awake all night with someone simultaneously shouting and chewing my nipples.

This time round I'm trying to enjoy being up most of the night by listening to the silence until DS wakes up. I may not be asleep, but at least I can read/stretch/watch tv in peace .

Whoknewitcouldbeso Mon 11-Jan-16 11:37:42

I just get up. I'm 36 weeks and tend to wake around 3am/4am. Sometimes 2am which I prefer as I can get back to sleep more easily then.

I remember with my sons pregnancy I just used to get up about 4.30 and go downstairs and worked on the craft project I was creating for his nursery. I'd then crawl back into bed in the day and sleep. Can't do that now because of my toddler but I did used to enjoy that time in the early morning covered in glue and paint 😋

glueandstick Tue 12-Jan-16 14:17:05

What's a good nights sleep? I can't remember one of those sad

ChicaMomma Tue 12-Jan-16 17:03:43

I do find magnesium supplements help.. but only a little, as i'm still up 3-4 times to pee.. my baby is transverse though so i'm so so SO uncomfortable. I'm basically uncomfortable 100% of the time, unless i'm in a swimming pool.

GothicRainbow Tue 12-Jan-16 17:10:32

I'm 29 weeks and have pretty much accepted my sleep will go downhill from here!
I've now put spare bedding downstairs so I can get up and my a snuggly bed/chair on the sofa in the living and watch tv/read without disturbing DH or my toddler DS.

I have a v-pillow in the bed which is helpful to a point, I've also found staying up until 11.30/midnight means I'm then sleeping until 5.30/6ish most nights which I prefer than going to bed at 10pm and waking at 3am!

Chelsey24 Tue 12-Jan-16 22:09:06

Yeah I used to be in bed by 10pm like clockwork but found that this isn't helping as I'm then waking up by midnight/1am then.

I wouldn't mind having to get up and go downstairs etc if I wasn't still having to then go and do a full day's work on no sleep!

Counting down the days until I have the luxury of being nocturnal and not minding!

Bring on 22nd Jan!

glueandstick Wed 13-Jan-16 07:32:08

I just had to come and be all smug that I turned over once last night and SLEPT ALL NIGHT LONG. I feel like a new human. No endless peeing. No trying to turn over and getting stuck. If that's the last good night I get for the rest of my sentence then I can live with that. It was glorious.

cantbelieveImquittingcoffee Wed 13-Jan-16 07:34:52

My sleep went out of whack (again!) at 23 weeks. I just had a terrible night, awake from sometime before 3am until after 4 and tossing and turning before and after, and now DP isn't talking to me because I kept him awake! Shall I tell him now what the 3rd trimester is likely to be like or keep it as a surprise??

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