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Being sectioned when pregnant?

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Saphwoodman Sat 09-Jan-16 22:03:55

I'm just wondering if any one knows about this. I've been sectioned once which was 7 years ago when I was 18 and before I knew there was any thing wrong with me. I have bipolar disorder and a bpd currently I unmedicated because I'm 13 weeks pregnant.

I haven't been feeling great recently, horrible thoughts etc. Going to doctors Monday to discuss possibly getting back on my medication or alternative care.

I'm just concerned because last time I really had a bad episode how I feel now is how I felt weeks before it happened last time. I just want to know what the procedure is for being sectioned if you're pregnant? Do they take better care of you and what about scans etc if you're an inpatient?

frikadela01 Sat 09-Jan-16 22:23:36

When I worked on female wards we had pregnant women in every now and then. More care has to be taken in terms of medication and on the ward I was on we had extra risk assessments put in place. If the ward. We had to have special training around restraint techniques since one woman became very very violence t towards others and herself bit we never had to use it. We did have to move one woman to a different unit because the envirmonemrnt of ours was high risk at the time (lots of very very unwell patients).
In terms of appointments/scans they all went ahead as long as the patient was stable enough, although usually with extra escorts.

But please let me stress these woman were extremely unwell. They had a huge amount of support in their own homes before it got to the point of sectioning because obviously hosptial is not the best of places for a pregnant woman. The fact you have identified you feel like you are slipping again means that you can take control and get help. Sometimes that means going on medication the yes carries some risks but the alternative is tou becoming unwell and that in itself potentislly poses a greater risk.
I hope everything goes well at the doctors. I know being pregnant is hard enough without your added mental health problems. flowers

Prettyinblue Sun 10-Jan-16 08:16:23

I'm bipolar and the last time I went high ( and was hospitalised for two weeks) I decided not to use any meds ( though has a one off shot of haloperidol when uncontrollable). against the doctors wishes I refused any more meds.

Instead I downloaded a mindfulness app and listen to it about four times a day. Had lots of acupuncture. Made sure exercised Little and often ( tricky in hospital). Ate a low GI diet which made my blood sugar really stable. The doctors and staff couldn't believe how quickly I came back down considering how high l was. That was two years ago and every time I feel a blip, I go back to acupuncture,
Diet and mindfulness.

Since doing this, I've come across many people, especially suffered depression who havefound the mixture of acupuncture, mindfulness and a good diet incredibly helpful. Good luck to you and let us know how you get on.

Just one last thing, I was very very scared through my pregnancies but never had anything terrible happened, other than going a little bit pregnantly scatty.

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