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Early scan recommendations - London

(26 Posts)
sophied1983 Sat 09-Jan-16 16:38:16

Contemplating getting an early scan but everywhere in London is so expensive. Has anyone been for one who can recommend somewhere?

AveEldon Sat 09-Jan-16 17:45:13

You can get one for free on the NHS at St Thomas' or St Georges - you just have to show up and wait

angelpuffs Sat 09-Jan-16 17:46:41

Yes- Fetal medicine centre on Harley street. Very good and not ridiculously expensive.

camembertlovernomore Sat 09-Jan-16 17:51:38

We went to the birth company on Harley Street I couldn't recommend them enough and not too ridiculously priced around £90 for an early viability scan good luck

Quodlibet Sat 09-Jan-16 19:44:48 in Canary Wharf is £75. Cheapest I've found.

bluewisteria Sat 09-Jan-16 20:38:01

Fetal medical centre, they are highly trained. Plus if you opt for harmony testing you get early scan anyway in the package

BettyBi0 Sat 09-Jan-16 21:00:25

Another vote for fetal medicine centre. They are super well trained and profits re-invested in antenatal research

Duckstar Sat 09-Jan-16 21:07:27

Another vote for Fetal Medical Centre. Very professional.

Sedona123 Sat 09-Jan-16 21:14:09

Yet another vote for the Fetal Medical Centre. I had my 12 week scan done by them, and they were fantastic. You get your blood test done, scan, and the results in 1.5 hours, rather than waiting weeks on the NHS. The scan is very clear, and they also give you some lovely 3D pictures too. It's also very prompt, and no need to drink gallons of water so you have a full bladder either! 😀

Pebbles601 Sun 10-Jan-16 09:10:29

I got a 7 week one at Baby Bond. They have places all over London. Had one at 16weeks too. I highly recommend them. £79 or £59 for the quick assure.

TriJo Sun 10-Jan-16 10:26:02

Another vote for the Fetal Medicine Centre here - we went there for an early scan because we were unsure on dates and they were lovely. Cost £100 for a scan at what turned out to be 9 weeks.

Luckygirlcharlie Sun 10-Jan-16 10:31:54

FMC for sure. Had loads in both pregnancies. They are lovely and professional and it's so easy. The guy who runs it pioneered the scanning techniques that most others use. Luckily I haven't had to see him as he see women with problems in pregnancy but I know they do amazing things if God forbid there are any. Def give them a whirl.

Sleepybeanbump Sun 10-Jan-16 10:35:15

Another vote for fetal medicine centre.

Also st George's do walk in early scans.

fourlegstwolegs Mon 11-Jan-16 21:20:21

Feral medicine centre. They were brilliant.

fourlegstwolegs Mon 11-Jan-16 21:20:58

Fetal! Good God. That's quite the autocorrect fail!

TeamEponine Mon 11-Jan-16 21:25:21

Yup - FMC again. They were fab with two early scans and the harmony test.

Valmur Mon 11-Jan-16 21:27:55

Another vote for the FMC. A pleasing aspect is that all profits from the FMC go to the Fetal Medicine Foundation which funds research.

CarShare Mon 11-Jan-16 22:30:01

Have used baby bond and fetal medicine centre. FMC a little more thorough but more expensive. Would recommend both.

Impatientwino Tue 12-Jan-16 07:33:46

Another FMC here - we had a package of the harmony test and 2 scans and were very happy.

SweetSuz Tue 12-Jan-16 10:02:10

Ave not really the case if you are referring to EPU units- they need a valid medical reason- i.e.. bleeding & pain to even considerer giving you a scan, not just for general reassurance. Even then I had to return a few days later for my scan.

FMC is great but very costly, I'd recommend this for their indepth scans aftert the NHS ones stop at 20 weeks- but not before.

OP for early pregnancy is the cheapest Ive used at £45 (in Mitcham) and also from 13-30 weeks are just £39

AveEldon Tue 12-Jan-16 20:03:38

Maternal anxiety is a valid medical reason.

Kstar8 Tue 12-Jan-16 20:08:35

I went to peek a baby in Mitcham on Sunday for an early reassurance scan at 8 weeks.
It's a bit grotty in the waiting area but the actual sonographer was friendly and calm and the room nice inside.
It was only £45 whereas as others in sw London were nearly £100 but I'm sure you pay for a nicer waiting room.

I live near St George's but didn't feel comfortable going there as I didn't have any pain or bleeding and felt the environment would be quite stressful. I avoid hospitals a lot (I realise this will not be possible!)

tigerlily10b Mon 29-Feb-16 16:34:27

Actually, no, it's not. The EPU is reserved for women who have experienced pain or bleeding or issues - and it's really important it stays this way. Those women NEED scans and women who are anxious (which is everyone, I might add), waste the very few slots they have. They have to turn away women who are bleeding at Kings because people queue for no reason.

Don't get me wrong, I have extreme anxiety (previous ectopic), and I've been many times to be scanned because of issues - but I would never go unless they asked me to.

I'll be getting a private scan at 10 weeks just for my anxiety. I would not myself and would never recommend going to EPU just because you're worried.

We're all worried, pregnancy is long and complicated and most of us have probably had issues (or we wouldn't be on here), but there is a system in place for a reason and that's to make sure that the women who really need help can get it quickly. And I personally don't think we should be questioning that.

Lesbecky Mon 29-Feb-16 17:38:31

tigerlily I agree with the gist of what you're saying, but I want to be very clear there is a difference between real anxiety as a mental health issue, and general pregnancy worries. I completely agree that EPU should not be used for the latter, but the former absolutely should be looked at. There's a great website here

KittyandTeal Mon 29-Feb-16 17:45:43

We've just had our second scan at the fmc after loosing dd2 to T18. We saw the team on the nhs in Kings with dd2 and so felt really confident in them this time round.

They're not cheap but the 10 week viability scan is surprisingly detailed and the 12 week scan is more like a mini anomoly scan.

If you just want to see your baby and a heartbeat then they're a bit pricey but if you are concerned about trisomies or anomolies then they are very specialised and highly qualified.

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