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SophieC13 Sat 09-Jan-16 14:36:18

Does anyone have the Joolz day earth pushchair?

Do you like it?

Did you buy any extra bits?

kamillaw Sat 09-Jan-16 18:49:06

I've bought one 2nd hand as this is babe no3. I haven't test ridden it but love it for bounciness, seat size (tested my 2 year old in John Lewis) the one I bought came with footmuff which is handy and I will buy the shopping bag some extra wheels and maybe a new belly bar. If you like it go for it!

ThePug Sat 09-Jan-16 19:17:27

I fell in love with the Joolz range online and after trying out on two separate occasions to make sure, I have a Geo on order. The styling of the Day and the Geo is very similar but the things that swung it for me were:

1) The basket on the Day is ridiculously small - you couldn't really fit anything worthwhile in it. You can buy a net shopping bag for the back, but I think you can only use this when the seat is forward facing, so not with the pram or parent-facing seat
2) The Day fold is more clunky than the Geo (which is super easy) and it doesn't have a clip to keep it shut
3) The Geo is more futureproof as can be converted to a double if necessary

They both handled really well and are gorgeous prams though smile

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