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Feeling lazy 36.4weeks

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Fitnessmama Sat 09-Jan-16 13:40:11


I need some reassurance! I am 36.4 weeks pregnant with my first.
I am a really athletic person and have trained high intensity my whole pregnancy doing Crossfit. The last 2 weeks I have been so lazy I have only exercised about 5 times and the last 3 days not at all I can't get off the couch I'm worried I am becoming lazy.

My symptons are stomach cramps, nausea, and general feeling of laziness.

I keep walking out to our gym but the thought of doing anything makes me tiered so I just come back in and lay down. So out of charecter for me.

bluewisteria Sat 09-Jan-16 13:45:03

You're only 3.5 weeks away!! Stop, rest, listen to your body. You won't loose any fitness between now and 6 week check given how much you have done.
Pushing yourself now is NOT a good idea!

mrsjskelton Mon 11-Jan-16 10:17:10

Listen to your body OP! It's telling you to slow down X

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