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9 weeks pg, heavy bleeding and I have been told it could caused by implantation of the placenta

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EricaJ Sat 09-Jan-16 12:44:50

Hi all,

I wonder if someone has experienced this or heard of similar cases.

I am 9 weeks pg, had a scan at 8+3 and everything looked fine, at 8+5 I had a big bleed but scan showed that everything was ok again.

The doctor said he thought it could bleeding caused by the implantation of the placenta, recommended that I rest as much as possible and said that seeing a healthy hb, closed cervix etc, despite the bleeding, is very encouraging.

After a few days of not bleeding, this morning it has started and then stopped again. No cramps, just blood. Rang the gyno and said that I need to rest and keep an eye on it but still think is due the implantation of the placenta.

I have had two mcs before, got diagnosed with trombophilia and I am now on Heparin. Could the Heparin be making the bleeding worse?

This is the furthest I got on a pregnancy, it is so distressing so think we may lose it again and I had never heard of the placenta implantation before...

Thanks so much in advance!

DisneyMillie Sat 09-Jan-16 17:33:19

I had a bleed at 13 weeks and got told it could have been this - carried on spotting for 2 weeks in bed rest but now 21 weeks and everything seems fine. Hang on hoping xxx

DisneyMillie Sat 09-Jan-16 17:33:56

Sorry meant hoping all will be fine

EricaJ Sat 09-Jan-16 17:39:06

Millie Thanks so much for sharing, glad to hear that it went well for you, fingers crossed it is the same for me smile

How often did you get scan during those two weeks?


EricaJ Sat 09-Jan-16 17:42:13

Hope the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful!

RvG2014 Sat 09-Jan-16 17:52:32

Hey.. I cant speak from experience but the Heparin will most definitely make any bleed worse because the blood doesn't clot as quickly.. The amount of old people on blood thinners who knock their arms and bleed so much it looks like the texas chainsaw massacre has been repeated..

Definitely take their advice - rest up and monitor smile x

EricaJ Sat 09-Jan-16 18:18:33

Thanks RvG2014! That is very helpful. This is such a nightmare, that the meds that may prevent me from miscarrying due to my trombophilia might also be causing these scares... argh! Anyway, as long as they work...

Feel better now though and the bleeding seems to have stopped (stay stopped stay stopped stay stopped!!)

smile xx

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