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Brown spotting for two weeks

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guest2013 Fri 08-Jan-16 20:00:16

I'm 8 weeks and I've been having brown/pink spotting most days for the past two weeks, some days heavier than others and some days with cramps. I went for a scan on Wednesday which put me at 7+5 with a heartbeat but the spotting has continued. The midwife I saw at the EPU didn't really have an explanation for it. Does anyone have any advice? I've just finished a ten hour shift and its quite heavy spotting now. I don't know what to do, its really taking its toll on me and my husband. I am exhausted with worry. Would you go back to the hospital at all? Do you think the scan should've reassured me?

TheMasterMurderedMargarita Fri 08-Jan-16 20:06:16

If it is getting heavier I would give them a call to see what they suggest.

TheMasterMurderedMargarita Fri 08-Jan-16 20:07:53

Sorry posted too soon.
Our EPU is very good and would rather talk to you and provide reassurance/see you again than you worrying even if nothing is wrong.

guest2013 Fri 08-Jan-16 20:44:42

Thank you for your reply. I will call them on Monday, sooner if it continues to worsen.
It's just so frustrating not knowing what is causing it.. It's hard to believe that everything can be OK after two weeks of this!

TheMasterMurderedMargarita Fri 08-Jan-16 21:33:40

I know it is difficult to stay positive when experiencing such symptoms but it is very common. Just call them if you are worrying.
Try and get as much rest and distraction as you can I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

guest2013 Fri 08-Jan-16 21:41:11

Thank you for your kind words smile

TheMasterMurderedMargarita Sat 09-Jan-16 12:17:34

How are you doing *guest*?
Hope things have settled a bit.

guest2013 Sat 09-Jan-16 12:29:35

I'm feeling a bit better, I'm still in bed wishing I didn't have to move (I have to attend a baby shower of all things this afternoon!!) The spotting has calmed down but not gone completely. No pain though. I think I probably just overdid things in work yesterday and that caused it to be heavier. Maybe it's just going to be one of those things?! I'll ring EPU on Monday if I'm still feeling anxious. Thank you for thinking of me smile

EricaJ Sat 09-Jan-16 12:51:52

Hi guest

Sorry you are going through this, it is very stressful.

I just started a thread asking for advice too (I am 9wk, scan looked ok only few days ago after a big bleed) but I had another big bleed this morning. My doctor thinks it could be caused by the implantation of the placenta.

For what is worth it, I had massive cramps in my previous mcs (none now), so if you are not cramping, that is a positive.

Best of luck for the two of us and everyone on the same stress boat!

guest2013 Sat 09-Jan-16 15:17:12

Hi Erica, sorry to hear you're going through a similar thing.
Hopefully it'll all be OK for the both of us.. I just can't stop worrying and crying! It's completely exhausting.
Good to hear the not cramping is a good sign. Are you going to have another scan after this latest bleed?

EricaJ Sat 09-Jan-16 15:35:35

I know, Guest, it is horrible.

I think I will try for a scan on Monday morning first thing (going to have to go private and if the baby is still there, I will ask to be signed off work and rest until week 12. Seems a bit Victorian but my work can be very active and travel-ey, I work with young people and the idea of have a huge bleed while at work seems really traumatic. I know there is not evidence that rest will prevent a miscarriage but it seems to be all that can be done at this stage...

Has anyone suggested taking Progesterone? But I hold onto the little evidence that can help women with recurrent mc.

Feel better and look after yourself! Good luck!

EricaJ Sun 10-Jan-16 13:28:58

How are you today, Guest?

My bleeding seems to have stopped for now but both times on Wednesday and yesterday it started so suddenly, I do not want to get my hopes up until it has cleared for a few days.

Hope you are ok.

guest2013 Sun 10-Jan-16 13:56:49


Im Glad to hear its eased off with you, I hope it stays that way and I hope your scan goes well in the morning, do let me know if you get chance. I'm still having very light spotting but I'm feeling a bit more positive as I'm still having all other pregnancy symptoms. I've read so many different stories on the internet, good and bad so I still don't know what to think. Will be ringing the EPU in the morning. I'm not in work until Friday so have plenty of time to rest. I too have a very active job and I'm tempted to get signed off too. In fact if the baby is OK after all of this I'd quite like to just stay in bed until August!
How are you coping with the constant worry? I can't concentrate on anything. I can't imagine being relaxed at any point, even if all is well!
Hope you're having a relaxing Sunday.

EricaJ Sun 10-Jan-16 14:32:15

Hi Guest,

I think I may wait until Wednesday for the scan. My gyno thinks is too early to scan again (I had a good scan on Wednesday after a massive bleed) and it may be better to wait for the bleeding to clear (or get properly started I guess sad instead of going, maybe bleeding again, going again etc.

I say this now, if the bleeding starts tonight I will probably be knocking their door at 8 am tomorrow morning!

However, I am going to get signed off work anyway. Looks like I can do with resting, either to help the pregnancy stick, or to deal with a miscarriage.

I am also due in August. Seems AGES away.

I am not coping particularly well. I try and distract myself, went for coffee with friends, watch movies and try to stop googling. It is a shit situation, I don't think there is a right way to deal with it...

A recent good scan, no cramps and having pregnancy symptoms are all good signs.

Hope the EPU is helpful tomorrow. They tend to be lovely, in my experience. Good luck!

Solan Sun 10-Jan-16 15:04:57

I am going through the same. Been spotting for 10 days...steadily getting hope that it was cervical erosion has diminished over the last 2 days when it has become more constant and red tinged and now with small clots. I have been waiting 8 hours now since 7am for a call back from the midwife. I fear my gut instinct knows the outcomes here.

Solan Sun 10-Jan-16 15:05:52

My symptoms have also been lessening which is not helping sad

EricaJ Sun 10-Jan-16 15:34:49

I am so sorry to hear you are going through this Solan. It sucks.

Hope the midwife calls you soon.

Solan Sun 10-Jan-16 15:39:00

They have just called..I am going for a scan tomorrow at 2.30. Should be 7 weeks tomorrow.
Thank you x

EricaJ Sun 10-Jan-16 15:59:08

Good luck, Solan!! xxx

guest2013 Mon 11-Jan-16 16:18:30

How did you get on with the scan Solan? Hope you're OK!

Hope you're OK too, Erica.

EricaJ Mon 11-Jan-16 16:52:18

I am fine. Got signed off work and my boss was lovely about it. No bleeding today bar some tiny spotting after I did some stretching (this waiting and seeing was making me really stiff ...) . Going to try and hold out a few days for a scan, unless I get another gush.

How are you feeling Guest?

Thinking of you Solan.

guest2013 Mon 11-Jan-16 17:03:45

Oh glad your boss was nice, at least you don't have to worry about that now. Good to hear that the bleeding has pretty much stopped!
I spoke to the midwife over the phone and she said with a good scan last Wednesday and it just being brown blood and not fresh then not to worry (easier said than done!) and it could just be a hormonal thing?!
I've got my booking in appointment on Thursday so I will see how I feel by then with regards to begging for another scan!!
I don't want to jinx it but had a very small spot of blood this morning and then nothing else all day so fx it stays like this for the both of us!

EricaJ Mon 11-Jan-16 17:12:54

Yup, my doctor had my hormone levels checked to see if it could be that!

My results came back normal but apparently "normal" hcg levels at 8 weeks could be roughly anything between 12,000 and 300,000 mine were 36,000 so no idea if it was ok or in the lower end.

Please someone invent a pregnancy friendly Valium NOW!

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