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Easy meals for when suffering with morning sickness

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Vespar7 Thu 07-Jan-16 17:14:59

Hi just wondering if anyone has any quick and reasonably healthy recipes that I can make for the family? I can tolerate small amounts of cooking without throwing up e.g.making an omelette but don't think I can deal with anything too complicated or smelly at the moment. Thanks.

hebs72 Thu 07-Jan-16 17:42:53

Hi Vesper, it's rubbish, isn't it? I found I couldn't cook at all, so do you have someone who can take cooking over for a while? I'd also say there's nothing wrong with ready meals for a while - no-one will die of malnutrition during the next weeks wink and you can pop them straight in the oven and remove yourself from any smells.

From my own perspective, I ended up eating toddler's ready meals in the evening, the kind of baby spaghetti bol, or a little fish pie. They're quite bland, so also smelt ok. And it turned out my DH was quite capable of fending for himself grin

Heavenscent86 Thu 07-Jan-16 17:55:19

I lived on baked beans and cheesy mash (the shop bought stuff) both heated in the microwave when my sickness was at its worst. Sometimes I pushed the boat out and had a jacket potato with cheese and beans.

CarShare Thu 07-Jan-16 18:14:07

Pasta with cheese/philly (roast some aubergine and cherry tomatoes to go with if you can tolerate)
The Tilda flavoured microwave rice (tomato one is really nice) with cooked chicken portions (I found cooking meat hard so bought ready made) and veg.
Potato hash with bacon/ham, cheese and sweetcorn
Cov garden soup with supermarket ciabatta heated in oven then toasted with cheese
Oven pizza and salad
Deffo second the ready meal approach too!

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