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Possible pregnancy symptoms?

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becciilouisex Wed 06-Jan-16 16:49:32

Hi! smile

My partner and I have only recently started TTC (2-3 months) and I've noticed a few little possible symptoms that I wondered if any of you had experienced and whether or not you think they sound like possible pregnancy symptoms! Mainly due to the fact that I convince myself we've conceived every month because we're so eager and excited haha but this is the only month I'd say I've noticed more significant changes for me and the only month we've really had sex around/during ovulation smile

I've noticed, just last night, that my complexion has really taken a battering haha! My skin is slightly redder than usual (I have yellowish tones) and I seems to have just broken out in spots on my face! My areolas also look slightly darker and my boobs have actually grown a little and my bra seems to be just about containing them! I've also been experiencing cramps either side of my lower back and lower abdomen but I'm not sure they'd be pregnancy related as they're not constant or severe as I imagine pregnancy related cramps are, they're just sort of there!

If we're going on a 28 day cycle AF is due tomorrow (07/01/15) but she tends to show up when she feels like it haha! The month before last AF came on my 28th day but last month she came on my 30th day!

Of course these could all be signs that AF is on her way but I usually don't break out and only get cramps the day she is here.

What do you all think?

Thanks in advance!

Beccii xxx

becciilouisex Wed 06-Jan-16 16:54:46

Oh and I also had a urine infection that started just over a week ago! I do suffer from these regularly at times but usually I have a burst of them and then I'm okay for 6 months or a year. I had stopped getting them but it came on again, not sure if this could be a symptom!

I'm also really tired but find it hard to fall asleep at night. Or when I do fall asleep relatively quickly I don't sleep through without waking up at least once.

I think it's wishful thinking on my part but you never know haha!

VocationalGoat Wed 06-Jan-16 16:55:29

Hi Beccii,

A nosey question, but do your nipples tingle? I just read that back. Sorry if that sounds a bit on the kinky side. grin Tingly, sore nipples (even the shower water made me wince) has always been a big sign for me. That's been my "Pregnant" flag.

You're in that zone (the one all TTC ladies can't stand): the waiting place. These certainly could be signs of pregnancy. Get a First Response and test in 7-10 days. flowers

Whatwillbexo Wed 06-Jan-16 16:55:46

Sounds promising! I'm 36+4 weeks pregnant and I found out when I was 2-3 weeks, the day I bought the pregnancy test my mum was commenting on my facial features- how my face looked a lot rounder and just 'different' (she had no idea I was pregnant) I definitely gained a lot of spots and skin changes in the first trimester too and my areola has got about 10 shades darker (although not sure at what stage in pregnancy this happened)
Don't get your hopes too high (I know it's hard) because I know a negative test can be heartbreaking but I'll definitely be keeping my fingers crossed for you! thanks good lucksmile

becciilouisex Wed 06-Jan-16 17:06:10

Thank you ladies, that's all really helpful!

Haha not kinky at all it's all good! They don't tingle but they have been sensitive at times but that seems to disappear at periods through the day. They have been slightly itchy when they're sensitive as well haha! There's just a definite change in colour, they're slightly darker brown but kind of purple ish and my nipples look a little larger. There's a definite size increase in the general breast as the veins show, not so attractive haha!

It definitely is so irritating! I wish you could just test immediately after sex and know instead of looking for every little possible symptom haha! x

LouLou030783 Wed 06-Jan-16 18:02:39

If ur period is due tomoz is buy a test anyways like a first response or something it's only testing a day early and this is only way ur going to know for definite. It's hard as obvs when someone has tiny little things when TTC they start thinking OMG I'm pregnant only way to know is by POAS

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