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Is this the start of her moving??

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HD18 Wed 06-Jan-16 15:04:13

I'm currently 18 weeks and for the last couple of days I've felt an achey type feeling in my bump? My scan showed that my placenta was anterior and high so the sonographer said I might feel her wriggling about soon. Is this feeling normal? First pregnancy so no idea confused thanks in advance ladies

Champagneformyrealfriends Wed 06-Jan-16 15:18:30

It feels like twitching in your stomach at first in my experience! I have a low placenta and felt movement at 16 weeks xx

Champagneformyrealfriends Wed 06-Jan-16 15:18:42

It's my first too xx

HD18 Wed 06-Jan-16 16:02:58

So difficult to explain the feeling lol! Last night my bump all of a sudden went really hard and the shape changed a bit but all normal today but still with the ache feeling. I'm sure it's all normal but you sometimes just need reassurance about these things don't far along are you now? Xx

Lj8893 Wed 06-Jan-16 16:06:06

I wouldn't have said that's the start of her moving. Could be your bump growing and your muscles stretching. Or could be early Braxton hicks, although they tend to be later.

Champagneformyrealfriends Wed 06-Jan-16 16:09:42

I'm 26 weeks now - it's lovely when you feel them move!

Nicky333 Wed 06-Jan-16 17:01:49

I'm 20 weeks and have been feeling movement since about 16 weeks. Sometimes it can be felt from outside now.

Early movement, to me, felt like butterflies in my stomach or something twitching inside me. Well, it's still the same now but stronger.

Wait4nothing Wed 06-Jan-16 19:55:13

I didn't feel anything until after 21 weeks - still cant be felt by dh at 24 weeks. Just before and for the first week of feeling movement I was very achy (paracetamol and hot water bottle all the time) so maybe you'll feel it soon. I thought the bubbles popping idea sounded ridiculous but kind of get it now. Soft little jabs for me now

Mawsymoo Wed 06-Jan-16 20:06:04

I started getting Braxton Hicks with my first around 16 weeks and it feels like you described. I had an anterior placenta too and it was 21 weeks or so before I felt definite movements.

HD18 Wed 06-Jan-16 20:16:43

Thanks for your responses ladies. Think I'm just a bit eager to feel her moving so maybe I'm thinking about it a bit much and it's all in my head haha! X

Champagneformyrealfriends Wed 06-Jan-16 20:22:24

I thought that at first too! Eventually there's no denying it though! Mines stuck in my ribs at the minute lol-you can't ignore it when that happens grin xx

Vikris Thu 07-Jan-16 02:14:25

I ve been eager too!! I 15 and 3 days can't wait to be reassured that he/or she is ok. Since 14 weeks it seems i even cannot get right time to hear heartbeat either with dopler !! Just lots swoshing bubling sounds. My belly gets now and again really funny fealing like sinking very weired so might be this is it . Can't wait for 19 weeks scan to be assured that everything ok!! Good luck ladies iits so exiting!!

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