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5 weeks pregnant, still bleeding!

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Jobiness Wed 06-Jan-16 10:37:01

So ladies, I need your help.
I recently found out I was pregnant 2 weeks ago, so I am now 5 weeks pregnant. Then this week just gone has been hell!
Wednesday, I started bleeding and got cramps, by Thursday morning I had blood test done as I had bled heavier and the cramping got worse, I had also passed two clots and was then in a&e which more blood tests were taken!
Saturday, I ended up in a&e again with heavy bleeding and cramping, with another blood test and I got the result on Sunday morning that my hcg levels had in fact risen. I had to stay over night on Sunday, so they could monitor me and I had a scan booked for Monday morning.
I had my internal scan, every thing was alright as they thought I was having an ectopic pregnancy, which I was not thankfully!! I was still bleeding but not as heavy as I had been, still enough to change pads though.
But they did find the sac and yolk in my womb (shocked as it was as I thought I had miscarried) and they told me that it is sitting a little low in my womb and I was then discharged with a threatened miscarriage and a scan booked for another two weeks time.
What does this mean? Could I lose the baby still or what? Because the doctors didn't really help me out, just made it worse.. I wondered if anyone else has gone through this?
Because this is driving me crazy, not knowing if my baby is stil growing or not.

Riggers1 Wed 06-Jan-16 22:15:50

I had a similar situation with my first pregnancy last summer. I started bleeding at 6 weeks but because it was deemed as still early on they didn't do anything until an early scan was booked in at 8 weeks.

It's difficult that early on as they can't detect a heartbeat until around 6-7 weeks, so doctors are reluctant to say you have a viable pregnancy until you have a scan from around 6 weeks onwards.

It's a scary time to be sitting around waiting for the next scan whilst still bleeding - I know. I've had friends who bled and they've gone on in their pregnancies and are about to give birth, however in my situation the scan showed that my baby didn't have a heartbeat and a few days after I miscarried.

It's not reassuring for you, but all I can say is just to keep positive and look after yourself. Your body will do what's right for you and remember it's out of your control so whatever the outcome, you have done absolutely nothing wrong.

After I miscarried I had a few weeks off and shared the news with family and friends who were so supportive - I then found out 2 months later that I was pregnant again and I'm now 14 weeks along with no issues, proving that if you do have a miscarriage it doesn't guarantee that it will happen again.

Every pregnancy is different and we all go through our own challenges and scares.

Thinking of you xx

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