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Due my second on 1st April and don't know any other mummies this time round! :(

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Emble90 Tue 05-Jan-16 22:38:47

When I had my son (now 4) I had 4 friends due the same year, withing 5 months in fact so had lots of support and always had someone to talk to... after maternity leave we all headed back to our jobs and got back to normal life which was fine.. but now I'm facing a really lonely maternity leave because I don't know anyone who is due around the same time and I'm worried I'm going to miss the support and friendship I had when I had my son.

Anyone else feeling like this? :/

Champagneformyrealfriends Tue 05-Jan-16 22:49:51

I've booked NCT classes for this very reason! This is my first and I don't have many non work friends as it is so I'm hoping to meet some there! In due April 11th xxx

2ndbabymama Wed 06-Jan-16 06:39:34

Emble, I'm I'm exactly the same boat as you. My son is at nursery four days a week since I went back to work when he was one. The same thing has happened, I have some work friends that are mums with three year olds and a couple of friends that have more than one child now (bigger age caps). Anyway, my thinking was to take it easy with baby boy number two then see what was around locally e.g baby massage, coffee mornings for little toots. Something age suited then do something with my eldest the say he's not at nursery and take baby with us. No idea how this might pan out but that's my thinking so far. Three weeks until second bub arrives so not long to go! Good luck x

Emble90 Wed 13-Jan-16 16:54:51

I know of a few groups locally I could go to, it's just very daunting walking in to these places alone. I know from my first that some baby groups can be incredibly clicky and it makes me reallly nervous of braving it on my own

SomebodySedateMe Wed 13-Jan-16 17:10:54

I'm due my first in 3 weeks and I know nobody. None of my friends have children and there are no young children in my family. Didn't go to antenatal classes because of cuts - there are none in my local area and no availability on the nct ones.

So basically I have nobody to talk to. It's daunting.

AuntieStella Wed 13-Jan-16 17:11:36

If you want to chat to MNetters who are due at about the same time, the threads you want are here:

Is your 4yo at nursery or at school? If the latter, you could try volunteering for the PTA.

Emble90 Wed 13-Jan-16 17:36:47

Somebodysedateme, that's really hard sad Try the local park and swimming pool when little ones're bound to find some mummies you can approach? Your midwives should be able to tell you of any local children's centres that do playdates?
All our village halls have might be worth a chat with ur local village hall?

My 4yr old is at school, I know lots of the parents's just that I miss having friends that have little ones ...we used to go to jabs together and stuff you k a nice support base when you're all experiencing the same things

Cazm2 Wed 13-Jan-16 19:40:32

I am similar mine due 5 April ! Ny dd is nearly 4 and at nursery! Last time me and my sister on mat leave together this time no one! shock I didn't think much of nct and can't afford them this time round! None of our friends are even thinking of children! Hoping to get to some children's centres and clubs whilst dd at nursery! Also as summer hoping to be able to get out and about!

Emble90 Wed 13-Jan-16 20:00:38

Cazm2 I'm glad it's not just me feeling like this smile
I know it's daft...I'm sure I'll meet people once baby's here at the doctors's just...I liked having friends to do it all with who are going through the same things...we were all tired and cranky together! Lol

Pagetta Thu 14-Jan-16 14:08:29

i'm in a similar position - with DS1 we did NCT i made 7 lovely friends and we are still all very close - in friendship terms. Logistically most of them have moved away and most have already had their second! None of my friends locally have or will have babies, and annoyingly the NCT refresher is when my cousin's wedding/hen do is, so we can't make it. To top it off we're moving 20 miles away - not far but far enough that i'll not have any truly local friends which is a bit sucky.

Somebodysedateme and Emble90 - i would recommend going to lots of groups and classes - baby sensory is great although pricey, but there are always things on at the local library and children centres - it is daunting, and it might be that the first time you just say hello, but you WILL get chatting after a few trips. And the people that run them are usually great at getting people chatting.

Also worth trying the gym, swimming, or mum and baby fitness classes? And Facebook groups often have meet ups too.

I know its not the same as close friends though. With DS1 and the NCT group from Day 1 i had people I could text at 3am and say 'agh baby's not latching on WTF do i do?!' and I will miss having that this time.

RoganJosh Thu 14-Jan-16 14:10:47

Have you looked into NCT bumps and babies coffee mornings? You don't have to be a member, just pay £1 while you're there. The one near me was very friendly.

alliemarg Thu 14-Jan-16 15:13:37

I'm due April 10 with number two and it has crossed my mind that it will be a lot different than the first time around, without all the coffee mornings, lunches and group Facebook messages about how hard it all is!

My little girl will only be 18 months so I expect we'll try and find as many playgroups as possible where she can run off some energy and I can try and chat to the other mums.

Have you thought about pre-natal yoga and the like? That's a good way to meet expectant mums in the area in a relaxed setting when you aren't running after a pre-schooler and juggling a new baby!

Couldn't face the NCT again as I broke half the rules they shared in the first one...

Pagetta Thu 14-Jan-16 15:46:11

lol allie I hadn't thought of that me too!

i have just started pre-natal pilates hoping i'll meet a few people that way too. NCT mornings are a great idea i forgot they did them!

I'm going to keep DS1 in childcare 3 days a week so i get some proper time with DC2 and have chance to have the fun with them i did with my son first time round (i hope - until the ££ runs out!)

Also my DH bought me and DS1 an annual pass to the local farm park. It basically means that even if I just take him for half hour it doesn't matter - if i'm absolutely exhausted with baby i can go there as much as I like for him to run off some energy and have some fun whilst i sit on a hay bale with baby - and hopefully meet other mums there too!

SweepTheHalls Thu 14-Jan-16 15:48:14

I've booked into an NCT post natal course for this reason.

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