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Pelvic girdle pain / headaches

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Lifeonthefarm Tue 05-Jan-16 17:59:08

Wondering if anyone has any advice / previous experience in this.

I had a twinge in my lower back/almost hip. Went to see Osteo on advice of my Pilates instructor to get it sorted before I get too big / it gets to be a problem (27wks preg)
She worked on the issue a bit and also said my pubis bone was slightly left which could be causing my problem as everything was a little off centre.

Ffwd - Two days later - felt like I'd been riding my horse all day long - top of inner thighs really ached. Weird. Dismissed it and ignored.l as went away. But replaced next day by pain along well pretty much the outline of my pants - so under bump, along my back and felt like my legs had been pulled out the sockets and not put back in right.
This seems to have subsided now and I just get very stiff if sat/sleeping for first few steps I am very robotic and uncomfortable.

That was two weeks ago. About ten days ago I started getting very acute piercing headaches that only last about 10-30 minutes, several times a day and always in exactly the same place in my head.

I've been back to Osteo - no better/worse following 2nd treatment.

Not sure whether to try seeing a different one?

Went to doctor re headaches, blood pressure, urine etc all checked and fine. Gave me co codramol (sp) which so far don't seem to have made much difference.said re pelvic pain it will stop when had baby and all I can do is see an Osteo.

Does anyone have experience in this sort of issue and any advice?
Sorry for the essay, wanted to give the context of the situation !
Feel it is a coincidence that o was fine before Osteo.... Pissed off bcos niggle in back I could put up with - but these pulsing headaches (surely related as was fine before?!) are really starting to do me in now.

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