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Light spotting at 7 weeks - worried

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Concerned7Weeks Tue 05-Jan-16 11:13:29

Hi all, I'm 7wks pregnant and have just had some spotting when going to the toilet. I had a little implantation bleed about 3wks ago (only 1 day).

I'm really worried that I'm starting to miscarry - has anyone else had spotting at this time of their pregnancy?

I've called my GP surgery and have a doctor's appointment at 5pm but I'm starting to panic.

Crumbles12 Tue 05-Jan-16 11:21:15

Try not to panic too much, everything is probably fine flowers

I've had two previous pregnancies, one resulting in mc. My pg with DS I had 3 individual bleeds, one at about 9/10 weeks, one at 22 weeks and one at 28 weeks. All three times baby was fine and Drs just said it could be one of those things.. Every time it was fairly heavy and bright red blood.

With my mc I had no spotting just straight into heavy clotting, I knew straight away that I was mc, do keep hope it is very common to have some spotting in early pregnancy as the womb stretches and changes to accommodate.

The Early pregnancy clinic might be better than the GP? They could scan and check all is okay. Good luck x

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