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advice Re pessary

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themumfairy Tue 05-Jan-16 08:48:06

I've been having regular growth scans since 28 weeks and yday was my last at 36 weeks. According to their plotting chart baby has tailored off in growth. She's coming in at 6lb2 already shock but that's less than they predicted. They said it could be nothing or there might be a problem with blood reaching baby through the cord or me leaking waters.
They want to do another scan next Monday and if all is well with the above then they will give me a sweep (37weeks)
The following Monday if baby is still cooking they have booked me in for an induction. They said they will use a pessary which can stay in for 24 hours. If nothing then the hormone drip. They said I can only have one pessary as I've had a previous section.
Just looking for people's experiences with the pessary really. A sweep was enough to break my waters with ds2 so I'm hoping that will be the case this time but I'm preparing for the pessary.
Sorry for the essay and thanks

sizethree Tue 05-Jan-16 10:48:39

I had the pessary to try to induce my first baby. I had it inserted at 10pm on Oct 29th. But it did absolutely nothing during the next 24 hours. I then had another type of pill inserted which stays in for 6 hours. Again, nothing happened. So the 6 hour pill was repeated. I stated having contractions but no dilation. My choice at that point was to go home and rest for 24 hours then come back to have the process repeated, or have a c section. I was so exhausted from 3 days on the labour ward not sleeping and not labouring that I went for a c section.
I think as long as the pessary works enough to get you dilated enough to break your waters then it's counted as a success and you'll be on your way.
Good luck! Hope you welcome your little bundle with a lot less waiting around than me.

sizethree Tue 05-Jan-16 10:49:37

Ps. The insertion isn't pleasant but no worse than a sweep. Ask for some gas and air to take the edge off.

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