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Possible misdiagnosed miscarriage???

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Hbaer15 Tue 05-Jan-16 01:12:42

My name is Heather. I have 2 little girls ages 5 and 4. I didn't try to conceive for years until about 5 months ago, we began trying. On Decemeber 9th, j was nearly a week late on my period so I took a test and got a BFP. I'm always regular and on time every month. I went to the doctor on December 15 to confirm that I was indeed pregnant with my 3rd child and was scheduled for an ultrasound the next morning. The next day at my ultrasound on 12/16/15, the tech found a sac measuring at only 4 weeks and 1 day and said that everything looked healthy. She did however say that she seen another sac but couldn't capture a picture of it and said we could come back in 2 weeks to try to find the little guy again. I was shocked but very excited to have seen my little bean/beans on the screen. So I went home, relaxed, and enjoyed the news we received. The following weekend on 12/1915, I began very light pink spotting, so I called my doctor and laid down as he told me to do. The very next day, I began bleeding more and red. So I went to the hospital, because of the bleeding and period like cramps. They done a pelvic exam, blood work, and urine test. I was told my HCG was 2100, I had a UTI, and I was about 4-5 weeks pregnant. She also told me I was only having mild bleeding. They then told me I was having a threatened miscarriage, to go home, rest, and to call my doctor on Monday. (Which was the next day) I called my OB as soon as his offices open but they couldn't get my into the office to be seen until Thursday 12/24/15. I was told to still stay on bed rest. I did as I was told for the next two days as I continued to bleed, light to mild and still red to brown in color. Also has very small tiny blood clots like my period. Tuesday hit and the bleeding increased as well as the cramps. I went to the hospital, they done an U/S, blood work, and urine test. They doctor then came in to tell me my UTI is getting better, my hcg did decrease, and I had infact miscarried due to their wasn't any sac or baby on the ultrasound. She also told me I was on my period, to go home relax, and to stay on pelvic rest. With this news I was broken, mad, upset, and depressed. I'd never down anything in my life to deserve this and couldn't understand why me. I still had to keep my appointment for Thursday to see my doctor, which I had done. He told me how sorry he was and they needed to do a Pap smear and take more blood work but I could began trying to conceive again once my body and mind was capable. So I done as was told, went home, continued resting, and trying to grieve. On Monday 12/28/15, I recieved a phone call from my doctor, saying they needed me to come in for another ultrasound because my HCG has dropped but not significant enough for a miscarriage. I was told my HCG was 1400 and the visit before was only 1600. So I kept my U/S appointment and went in the next day. To my surprise, their was still a sac, no heartbeat yet because I'm still to early but a sac. I then began asking about a D&C because I was sure my baby wasn't alive. She told me I would have to come back in the next day to discuss what to do further with my OB. So on 12/30/15, I went in to see my OB, he informed me that I didn't miscarry, and they aren't exactly sure what did happen, and have no idea why I was told I miscarried and no longer had the baby inside me. He also told me they didn't check close enough during my U/S at the hospital. He's made another U/S for 1/15/16 to check for the babies growth, heartbeat, etc. the next day, I'll do more blood work and see my OB. I also stopped bleeding this day. Has anyone ever had this happen before??? I'm very afraid to get my hopes up and to have my heart broken again.

OddSocksHighHeels Tue 05-Jan-16 02:57:15

That sounds like a lot of mixed messages, I'm sorry you've had to deal with that. I'd assume it's difficult for them to be certain when there's no heartbeat yet in the early stages.

I didn't have any bleeding but I know other women who have and have still gone on to have healthy babies. If it does turn out to be a miscarriage then please remember that it's nothing that you did wrong, you don't deserve it and nor does anybody else. I haven't had a miscarriage myself but a lot of posters here have and will be able to support and advise you.

Best of luck and I hope you get some good news flowers

Hbaer15 Tue 05-Jan-16 03:17:13

Thank you for your reply. Im not sure what's going on but I'm praying for a good outcome. I'd came to terms with the fact that I'd lost my baby but then being told I hadn't was shocking. I'm just hoping thwy can find a heartbeat. I also was put on antibiotics but as soon as I finished them, my bleeding had stopped.

sizethree Tue 05-Jan-16 04:17:32

Hi, I'm sorry you're going through this worrying experience.
If ivecread your post correctly, my understanding is that on your original ultrasound there were 2 sacs, so you were expecting twins?
'A vanishing twin' is a very upsetting yet common occurance in pregnancy. It's worth looking up if you haven't heard of it.
If a miscarriage is threatened it's standard to have a 1-2 week wait in-between scans to determine how the foetus is developing or if it's stopped developing.
I really hope you get good news. It's such a difficult waiting period.
I've been through this too and sadly insist my baby.
Prepare for the worst but hope for the best. Big hugs.

uhoh2016 Tue 05-Jan-16 06:00:50

Is it possible it could of been twins and you've lost 1 but the other is ok if the initial ultrasound was unclear

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