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Royal Free - Maternity Care

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mm12Mm Mon 04-Jan-16 20:15:15


I'm pregnant for the first time (yipee) and need to pick which hospital to be treated at. I'm closest to the Royal Free but wanted to know of anyone's recent experiences. I have searched other threads but they are out of date or they do not mention the Royal Free. What are peoples experiences in the last two years. I could go to UCLH (which seems to have very positive reviews) but it would be less convenient as it is further away and you can't park. Is it possible to have your anti natal care at the Royal Free then deliver at UCLH?

I have health problems and imagine I will have to have a hospital birth.
Bit new and clueless so deeply appreciate everyone's responses.

I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow evening,

angelpuffs Mon 04-Jan-16 20:23:19

I had DD1 at the Royal free. I was v happy with the antenatal care- there are some superb midwives there and I pretty much got the same one each time. I was under a consultant who was also excellent- though if you decide to go with the royal free I'd recommend you google "sympathetic consultant" (pm me for more info!) Their early pregnancy units and Fetal medicine units were great. I gave birth in the labour ward and had always been adamant I wanted an epidural- in reality I gave birth on a bank holiday when they were short of anaesthetists and didn't get the epidural until I was 9cm dilated- but it was bliss when I did get it! I had a ventouse delivery with DD1 as she was so large so had to have an episiotomy but the doctors and midwives in the delivery room were fantastic. When my GP checked my stitches st my 6 week check she remarked on what a good job the doctor at the Royal free had done.
The only bit i didn't like was the post natal ward- noisy, cramped and midwives too busy to help with breastfeeding- but from what I've read, that is the same across all London hospitals. And I was only there one night.

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