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Having a normal massage during pregnancy

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Pagetta Mon 04-Jan-16 14:47:42

i'm 17 weeks and would really really like a back neck and shoulder massage - not a pregnancy related thing, but due to busy work, lots of driving, lots of running etc my upper back is stiff and tight and i'd really like a tension reliever massage. I've wanted one for months but nowhere would do it during first trimester.

Problem is, salons are now wary of me laying on my front - and i know it would be pretty uncomfortable for half an hour if im honest. BUT i don't really want a full mum-to-be massage thing as they're really pricey and a bit more than i'm after!

Has anyone had something in between?? any advice what to ask for?

Pebbles601 Mon 04-Jan-16 15:23:53

I am also 17 weeks but there is no way I can lie on my front. I changed my normal massage to mum to be. Which basically meant someone was trained to do it. I lay on my side and they gave me support for my bump & used rose oil I think. They were happy to do just a back rub. Maybe just ask and see if they would be happy for you to lie on your side, it didn't feel that different to me from a norma massage & was the same price. Some of those mum to be packages are expensive!

littleLS Mon 04-Jan-16 19:10:11

hi, im currently 26 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby, daughter is 17 months. im also a qualified massage therapist. (not yet in pregnancy massage but planning to take on extra training after I have my baby) please please please take my advice and do NOT get a massage during pregnancy by someone who is not trained in pregnancy massage. it can be harmful to you, and cause miscarriage if not carried out correctly as there are certain points on the body which release hormones and if massaged can be very dangerous. also certain oils can not be used for same reason - they can cause miscarriage.

pregnancy massage doesn't have to be one of those fancy packages at fancy spas, you should be able to find a local therapist who is also trained in pregnancy. I had one in my 1st pregnancy, carried out by someone who worked from her home and cost me £20 for 45 mins, I plan to get another this time as it really helped with backache.

also get in touch with your maternity unit, everywhere is different but the hospital im booked in with has a few midwives who are also qualified therapists and you can book in for them to carry out the massage for free as part of your pre natal care. there is a 3 week waiting list but well worth it and ive been twice now!

Pagetta Wed 06-Jan-16 22:52:49

Thank you great advice! Will ask around.

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