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Fit for pregnancy/carrying baby after SPD first time around

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Penguin13 Mon 04-Jan-16 13:36:06

I have a DD who is 1 yo and we are starting to think about when to try for a second. During my last pregnancy I developed SPD which, whilst not extremely severe, meant that I couldn't walk without bad pelvic pain for the last 2 months of my pregnancy. I was also not as diligent regarding pelvic floor exercises as I should have been and thanks to this and a chronic cough was left with a much weakened pelvic floor.

I am keen to avoid the same issues as during my last pregnancy and was wondering if anyone had successfully avoided SPD in a subsequent pregnancy through strengthening exercises or other treatment having suffered in their first and what you did if so?

waxweasel Mon 04-Jan-16 13:56:46

I had it to about the same degree as you in my first pregnancy, and it also flared up a few weeks after I gave birth and didn't go away until DD was about 1. I finally got rid of it by seeing an osteo who did some manipulation, and after a few sessions it went away.

I'm now pregnant again (got pregnant around DD's 2nd birthday, now 26 weeks). I was really worried as everything I've read has said it is usually worse second time round, plus I've done everything wrong this time - carrying heavy DD about, not finding time to do pelvic floors or any pregnancy pilates/yoga, and in much worse fitness generally than I was when I got pregnant first time. I have got SPD, but so far it's really really mild, and much better than at the same point last pregnancy. I started seeing an osteo as soon as I found out I was pregnant and have been seeing her every 4 weeks or so, and it seems to be keeping it in check.

CharmingChampignon Mon 04-Jan-16 14:00:44

I was still having pain in my spj from fest time around when I fell pg again. I asked my gp I refer me straight to the Physio at our women's hospital and she saw me through my 2nd pg and post natally. I did end up on crutches but feel I recovered better. Am now in my third pg with v little pain so far.

Penguin13 Mon 04-Jan-16 19:50:05

Thanks both for your helpful and encouraging replies. Like you wax I had read it is likely to be worse next time around which is another reason I am keen to head it off if I can. I was very fortunate in that my pelvic pain was resolved pretty much instantly after I gave birth at least. I think I waited too long for treatment last pregnancy so it looks like early intervention is the way forward.

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