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5 recurrent Miscarriage, Now early pregnancy under Dr Shehata -Panic panic

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vedmum Sun 03-Jan-16 17:46:38

Firstly thanks to all the mums who has been sharing and writing here. I got to know about Dr S only because of RMC talk/chat rooms.In october 2015 i went through 5th miscarriage and we had decided to give up on baby2 as we have lovely 5year old.

But then came across Dr S and thought we should try and give us one last chance as NHS did nothing apart from few blood tests.They referred me to RMC london but its been 3 months and i haven't heard anything from them(useless)

November 2015 Dr S diagnosed me with High Nk cell and now under treatment plan and this month on steroids.

First month of trying, yesterday when i took a test i see faint line which i assume is positive pregnancy.

Now once again waiting game begins, until i pass my 12weeks time i dont think i can enjoy this pregnancy.

I am looking forward to anyone else with Dr S ? and going through same


toadierocks Sun 03-Jan-16 20:41:14

HI ved

Firstly congratulations on your pregnancy, I truly hope this is the one for you. The 12 weeks can be the scariest time. I've had 4 Mc's and started TTC again after a 6 months break whilst they run all the tests.

I'm sure you're in good hands with Doc S, I've heard nothing but great things about him. I'm from down south so with a consultant called Doctor Buddha.

Do you have to get in touch with him right away after a positive test?

Its easier said than done when people say try to relax and not to worry too much but can Doc S offer some regular scans/your local EPU so at least you only have to get by week from week rather than wait the whole 1st trimester.

Do you have to have treatment for NK cell during the 1st trimester? My doc hasn't run the tests for NK yet as they believe I have a clotting issue or hughes syndrome.

wishing you all the best xx

vedmum Sun 03-Jan-16 22:24:34

Hi Toadierocks

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I have emailed senior midwife as hope to have an reply by tomorrow or day after, or wil ring clinic tomorrow. Yes,will have scan and intra lipid every 2weeks once so that should give me lil confidence if my pregnancy progresses

Re. Nk cell treatment I am on steroids already and that should keep my immunity low so no nk cell attack fetus thinking it has a foreign body. Steroids will continue until 12 weeks..

As of now I am hoping to take another preg test tomorrow so I see a darker line. Hope it's not an chemical preg.. Not sure why but all such weird stuff are in my mind sad

Good luck to you and hope soon things work out..

Take care

Snoopysimaginaryfriend Mon 04-Jan-16 15:16:20

Hi vedmum. I had three miscarriages before following Dr s's plan and I'm now 21 weeks and so far everything is looking great!

A few of us hang out on the conception board on the natural killer thread.

Good luck!

annaif Thu 11-Feb-16 15:07:59

Hi vedmum

Congratulations! I have PM'd you smile

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