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littlecharmer2016 Sun 03-Jan-16 12:56:21

what were your pregnancy symptoms and cravings? and what did you have?

my first pregnancy I craved ice and had no symptoms at all (except missed period obv) and I had a boy

this time I'm craving McDonald's apple pies and gone off tea ... with really bad sickness sad but don't know what I'm having yet

interested to know yours!!!

Mslg Sun 03-Jan-16 13:18:01

I haven't noticed any cravings yet.... But plenty of aversions 😞 My sickness started about 10 days ago (9 weeks tomorrow) and it's way worse at night time. Gone off coffee almost straight away and used to love curries but now they're turning my stomach! Heartburn and burping has been pretty bad as well.

Looking forward to getting past this and enjoying any cravings (if they come at all!)

GlamourBear Sun 03-Jan-16 14:46:53

I'm 17 weeks now, I went off pretty much everything apart from junk/fast food until about a week ago from about 7/8 weeks. The thing I missed the most was tea as I love my morning cup of tea!

I've just started getting my normal appetite back and most food aversions are going! After weeks of eating rubbish I'm making an effort to eat healthier from now on but we'll see how long that lasts wink

Donge13 Sun 03-Jan-16 14:49:48

I knew I was pregnant with dd1 when I couldn't stomach coffee. It was quickly followed with a craving for pickled onion monster munch crushed on top of vanilla ice cream grin

littlecharmer2016 Sun 03-Jan-16 16:28:05

I've today just discovered my love for oranges and crunchies!!!

pregnancy is weeeiiirrrdddd gringrin

SpecialStains Sun 03-Jan-16 17:19:08

No cravings. Just vomiting and food aversions. Wish I had cravings for food.

Dixiechick17 Sun 03-Jan-16 21:50:50

No cravings really other than eating more strawberries than I usually would. Also had no sickness. I had a girl.

Champagneformyrealfriends Sun 03-Jan-16 22:00:02

Off eggs and coffee. Obsessed with pineapple and cheese.

Symptoms were period like pains, boobs that were so painful I wanted to cry, sickness (unless I got to some salt and vinegar crisps in time!), dry, red skin around my nose and scalp and a cold I just couldn't shake!

TheLittleLion Mon 04-Jan-16 11:38:45

Same as OP, I craved ice and had a boy!
I barely had any symptoms but I could not stand the smell of bacon of anything fried for the whole pregnancy.

Luckystar1 Mon 04-Jan-16 11:46:57

DC1 - no sickness,slightly sore boobs, obsessed with fizzy orange drinks (in particular San Pellagrino blood orange) and carbs. Boy.

Currently 10 weeks with DC2 - lots of nausea, been sick, can't eat lots of things, like pears and banana and toast... Time will (hopefully) tell what it is.

Flossiesmummy Mon 04-Jan-16 12:33:26

Dd - oranges and tomatoes, yummy yum yum.

Current pregnancy - aversion to crisps, chocolate, most sweet food.
Complete obsession with salad, fruit and veg and loving huge glasses of water and/or lemon/lime drinks.

littlecharmer2016 Mon 04-Jan-16 18:47:52

when did everyone start showing with their 2nd pregnancy? I've just a put a load of weight on already i wish I could pretend it's my big baby belly - but it's not (yet) grin

VintageGems1 Mon 04-Jan-16 19:39:27

With DD I ate loads of satsumas, but this time fruit is making me sicky! I am having large glasses of ice, lemon squash with fizzy water! Really fancy a lemonade ice lolly.....or 10

Don't know what we having this time, but pregnancy does seem different smile

Flossiesmummy Mon 04-Jan-16 21:21:06

Little charmer almost instantly! I've lost weight due to morning sickness, was wearing 10/12 before yet my 14 weeks belly still looks like this!

littlecharmer2016 Mon 04-Jan-16 22:24:29

flossie you have such a cute bump! it's so round - my belly button creates a strange crest in mine which is why I can't get away with calling mine a baby bump just yet hahaha blushblush

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