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Hard lumpy bump at 16 weeks

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Pagetta Sun 03-Jan-16 10:40:54

I'm 16+3 with 2nd child and this last week I've gone from 'agh why aren't I showing' to 'where the crap did that bump come from?!'
(Possibly helped along by major Xmas binge eating!)

Last few days have noticed a lot of on/off pressure in bump - along the sides, above belly button but mostly below belly button where baby is, and when I lay on my back a couple of times I have felt a hard lump on one side. Have even felt a couple of flutters down there (not sure if imagining it as v early though!)

I'm guessing this lump is baby - not worried just wondered if anyone else had this - don't remember this from 1st pregnancy! Do you think it is baby or just uterus moving and growing??

Bump is really achey too - lots of shooting muscle strain pains all around it last two days.... any ideas best way to ease these?

So strange how much pregnancies can differ!

Augustina123 Sun 03-Jan-16 19:04:47

Hi Pagetta,

I've had the same around 16/18 weeks. The hard lump kept moving around - one night it would be in one place, the next night in a different one, but mostly below belly button. I mentioned this to the midwife and she said it was the baby. smile

I also had those shooting ligament pains, especially when getting up from a chair/bed and which are only easing off now at 20+3. I found simply holding off with the movement I was about to make for a few seconds and breathing deeply helped, along with a hot water bottle.

Good luck! smile

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