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Change in movement

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MrsJamesFraser Sun 03-Jan-16 09:55:25

I am 25 weeks with dc 2 (dc 1 now 9yo so feels like first time in many respects). For past 24 hours I have had extreme pressure in my pelvic area and when I move certain ways get sharp shooting pains. This has been coupled with a real increase in movements from my baby. I have seen a pattern before with 20 min spurts in activity but I feel like it hasn't sat still in the last 24 hours and the kicks are much harder than they have been before.

I am concious should contact midwife if movements slow so feel a bit of a numpty phoning to say there's too much movement but I can't shake this kind of uneasy feeling that things feel very different.

So basically wondering of this is perfectly normal and I'm just over analysing the changes due to the pain I'm experiencing?

sepa Sun 03-Jan-16 11:39:26

I think you should check with triage or your MW. If your worried about something then it's unlikely that we could reassure (I know that it didn't help me a couple of weeks ago)

At 25 weeks though I think that the baby has probably changed to a position where you can feel the baby more than what you could previously.

MrsJamesFraser Sun 03-Jan-16 13:40:21

Phoned assessment unit and the midwife I spoke to said they would not be concerned about an increase in movement as main thing is I am feeling the baby. That differs from what I've read on count the kicks website. Got the impression she thought I was wasting her time, just can't shake the uneasy feeling that it's such a dramatic change.

RubyWoooo Sun 03-Jan-16 13:43:41

I had this a few times. I think the baby had just got itself into a position where movements were more prominent. As long as you're feeling the baby move and you're not in pain or bleeding or anything then I'm sure all is fine. Keep an eye on it and if your worries don't ease call the midwives back.

sepa Sun 03-Jan-16 17:33:29

I think that they are usually more concerned with movement after 28 weeks.

Have you had some more 'lazy sort of days' recently? I was very active yesterday so I didn't really feel baby move till the evening. On other days baby doesn't stop moving and this is usually when I have do less during the day!

Like I said I think that your one had probably moved into a position where you can feel movement more than what you could before.

Ps. I wouldn't worry about wasting their time. They would rather see 100 women who have nothing wrong with them other than a bit of pregnancy paranoia than 1 woman who felt like she could be waisting time and something happened to the baby

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