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PGP? Feeling miserable!

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Whoopsadoo Sun 03-Jan-16 08:09:40

I'm 28 weeks pregnant and have started to have a horrible pain in my lower back (tail bone kind of area!) and down the outsides of my bottom and thighs. The pain is generally worse on one side but at times is both sides. It's keeping me awake at night as I'm unable to find a comfortable position even with my maternity pillow between my knees, turning over in bed is so painful, I can hear a pop sound - yuck. Stairs are also a pain as is sitting on the loo, bending, driving etc. I haven't seen midwife or gp about it but I'm utterly miserable now. This is my first pregnancy and I'm a nursery teacher - very very worried how I will cope at work but don't want to take early maternity if I can help it.

What's best thing to do? See midwife? GP? Both?! I've read online about support belts, can anyone recommend anything in particular? Is this even PGP or is this just something I need to manage myself?

Apologies for rant sad

wonkylegs Sun 03-Jan-16 08:44:31

You need to speak to somebody about it MW or GP. They may be able to refer you for pregnancy physio or in some areas they have group sessions which you can self refer to.
I have existing hip damage (RA) which is exacerbated by pregnancy so am going through something similar and know how miserable it can be.
You can take paracetamol for pain, don't be a martyr. GP may be able to prescribe something stronger if needed. There are support belts around, can't recommend one though as I got mine from the physio in my first pregnancy, even if they can't supply them they can steer you towards what you need.
I have a mattress topper which helps a bit with making the bed more bearable. Warm baths / showers (I can't get in and out of the bath) help as do warm hot water bottles/ wheat bags on hips not bump.

Joskar Sun 03-Jan-16 08:51:57

Get referred to the physio straightaway. Don't accept a fob off. You need regular exercises and treatment. See if your work can provide physio through occupational health so get a referral from them immediately too.

Take action swiftly because it can get worse very quickly indeed.

Good luck!

Whoopsadoo Sun 03-Jan-16 09:02:06

Thank you. I've tried to resist any medication but enough is enough. I will contact midwife and go from there. Thank you for website very informative I'll have a good read through!

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