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Obstetric Cholestasis without itching

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MermaidVsSailor Sat 02-Jan-16 20:56:46

Earlier this week I had to take a trip to my hospital's maternity triage as I was in a fair amount of pain, mainly around my right shoulder blade and also under my right boob kind of area. They went through a few possibilities before they got the bloods back. I was later told I have Obstetric Cholestasis.

My problem is that I have absolutely NO itching whatsoever and every single thing I can find about it discusses severe itching. I know something is wrong with me due to high bile acid levels (I think?) of 53 and I have had a few gallbladder attacks since my pregnancy started (never had one before), but is it likely to be OC considering the lack of itching? I had the pain from Monday-Wednesday afternoon (with Tuesday being the worst and when I went to the triage) and no pain since tonight. The pain is back, definitely no where near as bad as it was and I have codeine now anyway that is taking the edge off of a little. The baby was kicking me in the same place I had the pain earlier in the week and today he's been kicking there again, so I'm starting to think maybe (possibly wishful thinking!) that the kicks and pains are related rather than it being my liver/gallbladder.

I'm seeing the consultant on Wednesday to discuss OC further, being induced at 37-38 weeks and the blood test I had today, but has anyone else experienced or heard of OC without itching? Is it possible to still have OC without the itching? Stools are normal, urine has been slightly darker than usual earlier this week but I had a tummy bug so couldn't drink as much and I don't have jaundice either. All I have is the obviously high levels, around 7 gallbladder attacks that started at 14ish weeks and this pain that no one can seem to explain to me.

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