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themumfairy Sat 02-Jan-16 17:11:22

I'm almost 36 weeks with dc3 and can't help feeling down. I know I should be over the moon, I'm having our first girl after 2 boys but I'm having a major panic. I forgot how much room a tiny persons things take up. Everything has changed since having my youngest 7 years ago. Will I have enough time to share equally amongst 3 children. I'm starting to stress over everything and feel guilty about bringing a baby into our cramped as it is home. Please tell me this is normal, I was very young and naive with my previous pregnancies and looking back didn't really have a care in the world. I know how blessed I am and it's just me being silly but my stressful mood is rubbing off on the whole house. Tia

sepa Sat 02-Jan-16 17:35:56

I think time wise you could potentially have a great gap - oldest kids at school so school time dedicated to the baby then when kiddies are out of school you can do bits with them (when baby is a bit bigger)
My friend has 3 kiddies (1 set of twins) and now the younger ones are older she gets her parents to look after the twins so she can have a date day with her son. Could you do something like this in a few years?
I think your current 2 will love having a younger sibling. I have a younger sister and don't feel like I missed out so I don't think you should worry

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