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Three miscarriages and now a missing period??

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mollymalone1 Sat 02-Jan-16 01:11:20

I should say that I am not actively trying to conceive - I'm still waiting to receive results from a test my partner and I have just had to detect genetic abnormalities. A while ago we had a bit of an error and I duly went off to get the morning after pill. I had a period shortly afterwards. I am usually a 28 days cycle type, but I am now roughly 2 weeks late. Dull ache in lower back and a kind of "snapping" feeling around my cervix, and up until the period some symptoms of pregnancy - terrible wind, nausea in the mornings, could sleep for Britain, but all these symptoms subsided. Have POAS three times now, all negative. I'm just terribly worried that I'm pregnant again - I'm in no way emotionally prepared for it if I am, and nor is my partner - or, worse, I've miscarried again, and I just haven't passed the "conception material". Sorry if the language is upsetting. Just wondered if anyone had had any similar experiences.

sizethree Sat 02-Jan-16 07:35:20

TTC after MC is terrifying. But if you're not showing positive on an HCG when 2 weeks late, it's a good sign that you're unlikely to be pregnant. In fact with all three of my MCs, I still showed positive on a test for several weeks after, even when the pregnancy had passed.
If you're concerned call your EPU for advice as with your medical history they would hopefully offer some reassurance.

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