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Colostrum stopped after 2 years, only with missed period. Pregnant?

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MommaRay Fri 01-Jan-16 21:11:45

Hello, bit of a random one! I'm 14 days late (only happened with pregnancy with daughter), nauseous, headaches, cramps when due on, hot flushes past few days. My nipples are sensitive but the main thing is I had leaked colostrum since I stopped bf 2 years ago and it's suddenly stopped with this missed period. I've had 3 negative tests but wondering if it's a sign of pregnancy? Do breastfeeding mom's lower milk production when pregnant again? Think know either want my period or a positive test! Thanks smile

sizethree Sat 02-Jan-16 07:30:04

I think it's rather unlikely you're pregnant if you're 14 days late and have had 3 negative tests. It's possible to have an anovulary cycle, where you don't ovulate, and therefore skip a period.
Maybe also post on the TTC board as there's been a few similar threads and lots of advice.

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