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35+5 and waters have broken.

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Oysterbabe Thu 31-Dec-15 10:51:39

I'm not due until 30th January but woke up at 4am to breaking waters. I'm in hospital now and they said head is engaged but I'm not in labour but they want to induce as soon as there is a room free because of it being pre-term and the risk of infection.
Will the baby be OK this early? Do you think the induction might be easier as the process has sort of started on its own? I'm having mild back pain and periodlike feelings but apparently the cervix is closed.
Ftm and its all just come as a bit of a shock.

Barbie1 Thu 31-Dec-15 10:55:55

My waters broke at 33 weeks and I was rushed in for my third emergency section.

My son is currently exhausted after an hour at soft play and is napping next to me. He is 14 months now and apart from the three weeks in neonatal at birth you wouldn't k ow about his shaky start.

Good luck op flowers

ThomasRichard Thu 31-Dec-15 10:56:55

I think you're close enough to term that the baby will be ok. I know several children who were born at 34 weeks and they are all fine. Prepare for baby to be a bit skinny, but they soon fatten up smile

Have they given steroid injections to mature the baby's lungs? I'm not sure if they'll be needed this far along though.

Good luck x

SauvignonPlonker Thu 31-Dec-15 11:04:54

I had my little girl at 35+6, I was told it was 50-50 whether she would need scbu. In fact she did, due to jaundice, feeding difficulties & temperature regulation issues (all common in prems of that gestation). She was in for 8 days & I expressed milk for her. She was 5lb 3oz.

Have you had steroids? A breast pump? A nice blanket.

Boots, Asda & mothercare, mamas & papas do early baby clothes. Plus m&s.

Sorry this is garbled, am out on soft play with DD who is now nearly 3.

Please feel free to ask any questions good luck X

Oysterbabe Thu 31-Dec-15 11:28:34

Thanks all.
There's been no mention of steroids so assume I don't need them. They just said as soon as there's a room free they'll start induction if I'm not in labour. I think this will be pessaries to try and open the cervix. Really hope it starts happening on its own.
I'm supposed to be driving 200 miles visiting family and picking up the crib and other bits tomorrow! I was hoping I wouldn't need a breast pump but I guess I'd better get one.
Impatient baby ruining my plans! smile

SauvignonPlonker Thu 31-Dec-15 11:35:35

Steroids are usually given in deliveries before 39 weeks, it's 2 injections given 24 hrs apart - please ask about them as it will really help a baby's lungs. Perhaps they'll do them when you're admitted?

Oysterbabe Thu 31-Dec-15 11:42:17

Ok I'll mention it. They won't be able to do two 24 hours apart though as they're planning to induce asap and I've had nothing so far. I'm on a ward waiting for a delivery room to become free.

Iammad Thu 31-Dec-15 11:45:25

They don't tend to give steroids after 35 weeks unless it's a c section before 39 weeks.
My eldest was born after waters going at 35 weeks, was induced 24 hours after and he was 5lb and only had to stay in a day so was very lucky.
Your only a week from term so baby might just need help with feeding and or keeping there temp regulated.
Good luck hope all goes well.

Raxacoricofallapatorius Thu 31-Dec-15 11:57:26

My waters broke out of the blue with both of mine due to their unfavourable positions. DC2 was a 36 weeker. He was treated no different to a full term baby. He was undeniably early, covered in vernix and curled up tightly for a few weeks, refusing to acknowledge the world but physically fine.

MrsJK Thu 31-Dec-15 13:18:27

Wishing you all the best thanks

I was also told that steroids wouldn't be given after 35 wks at my hospital but worth asking the question.

Good luck

usual Thu 31-Dec-15 13:26:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Newlywed123 Thu 31-Dec-15 13:37:29

Baby has a fantastic chance of survival, steroids aren't usually given after 35 weeks as babies lungs are usually matured.

Good luck grin

tinyme135 Thu 31-Dec-15 13:48:05

flowers for you hun. my OH cousin was born at 28 weeks and he's now a very tall 11 yo. if you didn't know about his past you'd think he was born full term. try not to worry hope it all goes well for you.

OvO Thu 31-Dec-15 14:01:02

I wish I'd asked for steroids when my DS3 was born at 35+5. He developed RDS and I think he might have been okay if I'd had the steroids. But I have T2 diabetes which can mean babies lungs are a little behind developmentally.

My DS3 spent 2 weeks in hospital but he also developed a collapsed lung - likes to do things in style! He's a happy healthy 8 year old now.

Most babies born around 36 weeks won't need extra care so don't worry too much. Some do need a bit of time in hospital but not normally very long. Just saying it so you're a little prepared iykwim. I'd say don't worry but of course you will. Good luck!

LouLou030783 Thu 31-Dec-15 14:04:59

My friends little boy was 5 years early and was only in care for 24-48 hours he was just over 5lb I think.

I wish u all the best let us know how u get on and how ur little one is

JE1234 Thu 31-Dec-15 14:10:58

I am also 35 weeks and have been seen a few times for reduced movement. They have suggested just getting the baby out if it happens again so I've quizzed them about this. The doctor was pretty confident that at 35 weeks the baby would be strong enough to be ok. He did say he might spend a short time in SCBU but chances are he would be ok to breathe on his own and feed. He thought he would only need an additional week or two monitoring. At 35 weeks they are pretty close to being ready and you may be 36 weeks by the time he emerges. Good luck and I hope your LO arrived safe and well. flowers

AnotherStitchInTime Thu 31-Dec-15 14:17:32

Ds was 34.5 weeks born by ELCS. Didn't need SCBU but did have tachypnoea (rapid breathing due to fluid on lungs more common for c section babies) for a while afterwards. He was 6.5lbs and breastfed as soon as I was able. We were home within 5 days once I was better. He is now a strapping 2 year old with no further problems.

DNiece born at 35weeks after a natural labour was home after 2 days.

I hope your induction and labour goes well.

Scarydinosaurs Thu 31-Dec-15 14:28:05

Good luck, I hope the induction goes well.

Have you got your DP with you?

WillowinGloves Thu 31-Dec-15 14:31:35

There's something about picking up cots ... I made a special trip to collect a Moses basket for DD, mostly so that DS could have a nap while I drove, as it wasn't urgent. My waters broke that night, three weeks early. The first thing I did, before going to hospital, was take the packaging off to let it air! That was after trimming my fringe in front of the mirror, as I was due for my pre-birth cut the next day. Funny thing is, DD's been late for everything ever since ... Good luck, Oysterbabe.

AwfulBeryl Thu 31-Dec-15 14:34:01

Try not to worry 35+5 is a good gestation. My dts are ex 30 weekers and are just fine.
Good luck.

JasperDamerel Thu 31-Dec-15 14:35:51

Good luck! Although your baby might need a bit of extra care, from 34 weeks onward babies have as good a chance of survival and long term good health as if they were born at full term.

Takeparacetamolandstopmoaning Thu 31-Dec-15 14:38:01

Good luck for the next few hours/ days.

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Thu 31-Dec-15 14:40:14

My 12 year old arrived at 36 ish weeks (can't believe I can't remember!!!) after waters breaking but labour not starting.

With both my pregnancies, my waters broke but labour never started on its own and in spite of sweeps and induction and so on my cervix remained firmly clamped shut. I ended up with 2 unplanned c-sections and 2 healthy babies (now strapping children). Apparently I am one of a small percentage of women for whom labour is not triggered by waters breaking. In fact for DD2 we waited about 3-4 days until the consultant decided that there was no way this baby was going to make an appearance on her own... it was the risk of infection that meant we shouldn't wait any longer.

BTW I refuse to say "emergency" c-section because there was nothing of an emergency about it either time - nothing wrong with the baby or me, and to me the term "emergency c-section" conjures up images of an awful scary possibly dangerous time for mum and baby that we did not have to endure. (luckily).

OP try not to worry, I am sure you are in excellent hands. And however it unfolds, any birth that results in a healthy mum and healthy baby is a successful one.

Graciescotland Thu 31-Dec-15 14:45:58

I had twins bang on 36 weeks and they were fine; I was given steroids though when I was 35+4 so definitely worth asking

jaime123 Thu 31-Dec-15 14:52:01

My daughter was born at 35+5 and is fine. She was in scbu for a couple of nights for jaundice but that was it. I was also told I wasnt in labour until about 20 minutes before she came!

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