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Morning sickness getting worse?!

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harboromummy Thu 31-Dec-15 05:33:00

I'm 10 weeks. Currently laid in bed after being woken up practically being sick in my sleep.

Iv also got really bad heartburn/ indigestion.

Iv thrown up 3x today but it's more the feeling of needing to be sick.

I'm struggling to eat much because I end up being sick. I can't eat a meal and just have to snack.

Iv been doctors about 3 times now and each time she tells me they don't like to give drugs and to try ginger I fucking have .

I don't know what to do 😢

bittapitta Thu 31-Dec-15 05:42:35

Visit a different GP and or talk to a midwife. There are drugs you can safely take. Keep hydrated and nibble on snacks - fluid more important than food.

BikeRunSki Thu 31-Dec-15 06:04:11

This should help. Can you stay hydrated? Concentrate on that - I melted ice lollies in my mouth. If you become dehydrated (eg your wee is dark yellow or brown),then go to a&e.

icklekid Thu 31-Dec-15 07:00:24

Please go and see a different gp I couldn't function without medication last pregnancy and have a gp appointment today as this one is getting worse too (only 4 weeks). This website is great if you can't keep fluids down you are at risk of dehydration which is harmful to your baby and you can end up in hospital so don't let your gp fob you off with ginger!

harboromummy Thu 31-Dec-15 08:26:29

Iv been eating oranges which I can keep down. I tried frubes and they felt too heavy on my stomach x

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