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1st 12 week scan a week today... petrified

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bippitybopityboo Thu 31-Dec-15 01:05:42

Hi all I have my 12 week scan next Thursday and I'm absolutely petrified that there will be nothing there and that I will have had a mmc. I just don't know why I am do worried but I can't function properly day to day as I'm constantly worrying.
I know there's probably nothing anyone can say I just wanted to get out how I'm feeling. Just hope there's a little bambino swimming around in there next week. Dream come true :-)

Maybug12 Thu 31-Dec-15 01:49:48

I too was super worried about Mmc. Naively I didn't even know they were a thing until I actually (unexpectedly) fell pregnant and obviously started doing a bit of research!
But everything was absolutely fine at my 12 week scan and as it should be! I know it's easy to say but Try not to worry yourself! The day will be here before you know it smile

bippitybopityboo Thu 31-Dec-15 06:32:28

I know! I honestly thought a miscarridge was where you bleed and its very painful and know about it which is absolutely awful to think of sad! But I was shocked about this and it's so frightening. At least my scan is 8.30am so on the day I won't be a bag of nerves for long. Thankyou for your positivity flowers

AprilShowers16 Thu 31-Dec-15 06:39:41

I'm I the same position as you, my scan is a week on Monday and I'm terrified. I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks last time (with bleeding) so feel like it's inevitable the this pregnancy will end badly too. I've even had a look at my work diary for the following week and considered moving meetings so I can easily take the following week off if things go badly.

Sorry that's not helpful advice just wanted to let you know you're not alone. I think all we can do is try not to panic and just wait and see, worrying won't change anything

bippitybopityboo Thu 31-Dec-15 06:54:54

I'm so sorry for your mc and I truly hope everything will go well for you at your scan!! Let me know how it goes for you! This whole 10 weeks has been a worry I really wish I didn't find out so early!!
I'm just trying to think I can't change it what will be will be and life does go on if something bad was to happen, I just pray for positive results. And good luck for you too!

cantbelieveImquittingcoffee Thu 31-Dec-15 06:55:25

Hi bippity, I feel for you! I was absolutely catatonic with fear before my scan - I even paid to have a harmony test and scan at 10 weeks and before the ultrasound probe touched my belly I was ABSOLUTELY convinced there would be no baby in there. I was even the same only waiting a week after that until the NHS scan! So this is just to say I think what you are feeling is very very normal - MMCs do happen, and nobody can predict them, but they are the exception not the rule.
I highly recommend you buy the book "a mindful pregnancy" by Andy puddicombe - I only just got it (am 22 weeks) but it's really calming me down and I think it would have worked wonders if I'd read it during that super high anxiety phase at the start of my pregnancy! Best of luck thanks

bippitybopityboo Thu 31-Dec-15 07:03:29

Thankyou!! I'm going on amazon right now anything that may calm my anxiety is welcome smile
We tried about 3 weeks ago to book a private scan and all the places we tried close over Christmas and didn't have appointments untill after out nhs one :-(
Thankyou for your very helpful comment smileflowers

RedorBlack Thu 31-Dec-15 09:26:11

My scan is this afternoon (2nd baby) and I feel the same, much more so than last time round. Thought I was being neurotic & the only one to feel like this so quite comforting to hear I'm not going mad confused

mellmumma Thu 31-Dec-15 15:35:17

Mine is on Tuesday! So nervous! Good luck and keep us posted xxxxxx

Champagneformyrealfriends Thu 31-Dec-15 18:18:57

I was petrified. The sonographer hadn't even put the gel on my stomach and I was sobbing because I was so scared. 26 weeks nearly now and all is well so far! You're not alone in being frightened. I've not read the book recommended by a pp but I've heard amazing things about it. I'm not gonna lie-my anxiety came back before my 20 week scan too. I wish I'd known about the mindful pregnancy book before that!
Stay positive and do not Google anything to do with mmc etc. flowers

Hope your scan went well Redor. Xx

bippitybopityboo Thu 31-Dec-15 18:37:56

How did it go, so hope all was well!

It is Google it frightens the life out of me! Far more negative than positive on there so it makes it seem so much more likely!

Thankyou for all of the lovely positivity ladies and so glad we've realised were not alone. Hope all goes well for your scans let me know xxx

RedorBlack Thu 31-Dec-15 19:49:28

Thanks ladies, yes all good thanks, just the results of the blood tests to wait on now smile

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