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Just had my midwife appointment...

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Newlywed123 Wed 30-Dec-15 13:58:27

Hello, I'm 34 weeks and I've just got back from the midwife.

I last went 3 weeks ago everything was straight forward and well. I handed her my urine sample and she said it was very cloudy with tinged mucus. She said it had some protein in it and asked about my loss, I had a big mucus loss this morning. She said it's my mucus show... what's that?

Also she asked about other symptoms, I've been geating bad constant headaches and I'm extremely tired. She asked if I had pain underneath my right ribs where my liver is, which I had a few days ago which lasted over a day and really hurt and was uncomfortable (I thought it was wind).

She said it could be early signs of preeclampsia but my blood pressure is fine.. and didn't say anything else on the matter... anyone had these symptoms? Don't see her again for 3 weeks.. feel like I've been left in the dark a little!

redexpat Wed 30-Dec-15 14:21:30

Your mucus plug sometimes comes out as a sign that your body is preparing to give birth. It comes from your cervix. But it can be up to 6 weeks before birth.

I had protein one day at 41wks and they induced me. I didnt know I could say no.

Headaches and protein in urine are symtoms of pre eclampsia. I think shes not too worried due to your bp being ok, but i think you should be a bit more assertive at your next apt. Ask some questions. What are my options is a good one because usually theyve already decided whats best for you. What are the implications is another good one.

Newlywed123 Wed 30-Dec-15 14:26:35

My next appointment isn't until 37+2 weeks and I may have baby by then because my cervical stitch will be removed 2 days prior. I'll keep an eye on how I'm feeling, as the protein could be from my show.

socktastic Wed 30-Dec-15 14:27:21

The pain in your right hand side could be gallstones? If it's just under your ribs and lasts for quite a wee while then it's worth finding out about? I had my gallbladder removed earlier this year for exactly this kind of pain. If you're worried at all, phone your midwife service for your area and ask. I think they'd always want you to feel as comfortable and confident as possible. Fingers crossed for you.

Sunnydays321 Wed 30-Dec-15 20:09:54

It's probably fine, but If you have a cervical suture in and you have had a show at 34 weeks I would recommend you phone the labour ward or triage unit. Probably nothing but the show can be a sign the cervix is changing, softening, shortening, possibly starting to open. As a tight closed cervix is what holds the show in. Having said this lots of people have a show and nothing else happens for weeks, just best to be cautious if early. Keep an eye out for Any funny smell or colour to the show as This can be a sign of infection. If you get any abdominal pain let labour ward know.

In terms of the protein, it can be a sign of pre eclampsia. But vaginal discharge and show is made up of proteins too so might have just been contaminated sample. As women when we wee it washes a bit of discharge in with it. To reduced contamination do your sample immediately after a bath or shower, do the 1st bit of wee down the toilet (so that you don't catch the "contaminated" bit, then catch the middle of the wee in the pot, and then finish your wee down the toilet.. Hence mid-stream sample. If you get any severe headaches, visual disturbances, swelling, vomiting or pain under ribs give triage/labour ward a call for a bo check and urine dip. Hope that helps xx

Newlywed123 Thu 31-Dec-15 13:32:46

My midwife did say the protein could be from my mucus show. I don't want to call triage for no reason. My midwife said if things change then I should call. She seems to think baby won't be long. I've been getting dull backaches and more braxton hicks but the BH aren't bad just tight. I don't think I have early pre eclampsia. If anything changes I'll make sure I ring up. Think I'm losing my mucus plug slowly as I had more last night like snot (sorry for tmi).

I didn't have y show until my stitch was removed with my last pregnancy labour started within days 😊

Thank you for the helpful post Sunnydays xx

bluewisteria Thu 31-Dec-15 13:38:04

You should have urine and bloods sent off in hospital asap to rule out pre eclampsia.

Newlywed123 Thu 31-Dec-15 13:42:14

She threw my urine sample Inot the bin and bloods want mentioned

Newlywed123 Thu 31-Dec-15 13:48:30

Into the bin and bloods weren't mentioned *

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