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Velamentous cord insertion

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harrowgreen Wed 30-Dec-15 11:20:17

Anyone had this?

I had it with #3 and we're currently considering #4 but I'm worried it'll happen again.

Pregnancies #1 and #2 were very straightforward. #3 was weird from the start: I never felt quite as pregnant as with the other two, my bump was a lot smaller, and something always seemed odd. I had repeated episodes of reduced movement and was measuring small by 38wks so I was induced.

After birth I saw the placenta and it looked very weird: small and as though it had waves in it (normally it's very smooth and rich looking). Baby was a good size, much to everyone's surprise.

The MW told me that the cord had been strangely inserted into the placenta and called it a velamentous insertion (which I've obviously since googled!). She said it was just one of those things.

Pg #3 was very stressful for a lot of reasons which wouldn't happen again. However I'm worried that I could get another dodgy cord insertion if we went for #4 and that the outcome wouldn't be as positive (it can rupture and cause stillbirth).

Has anyone had this or know anything about the likelihood of it happening again?

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