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discharge (warning poss tmi)

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Ilovepercypigs3 Tue 29-Dec-15 21:57:35


I have found this board so useful but this is the first time I am posting, really hope I can be reassured by your wise words!

I am 25+4 and have had lots of discharge since 10 weeks and kind of got used to it. Have worn liners and mentioned it to mw who said it's very normal. But it seems to have got a lot heavier over the last week or so I would say and has been a bit funky smelling. It sometimes looks a bit brownish on the pad, though not brown when I wipe so not worried that it's blood, no idea why it would go like that though? It has been a bit snot like in texture and is just generally quite horrid. I'm freaking out that I have an infection or something that could hurt bab. I have phoned for a gp appointment (not got one until Monday morning) but do have a consultant appt at antenatal clinic on Thursday. Would you mention it to them or wait for gp? Or phone midwife? Or is this normal and just another gross part of being pregnant? (Like leaky nipples- started last week... Unexpected! Can you tell it's my first?!)

Thanks for any help you can give...

Junosmum Tue 29-Dec-15 22:02:35

Could be bacterial vaginosis, very common in pregnancy and easily treated with antibiotics but does need sorting.

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