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Gestational Diabetes

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Panther79 Tue 29-Dec-15 14:37:25

Hello all,

I have been diagnosed with GD and feeling down about it. I am 32 weeks pregnant this week.
I have to meet a dietitian tomorrow to discuss my diet and have been given a glucose monitoring kit since a week to keep monitoring my sugar level five times a day.

Despite being really strict with my diet, my sugar level hasn't been stable unfortunately. I am terrified about what this means for my baby and scared that I am harming him. I have also been transferred from midwife to consultant care now whom I am meeting next week.

I just want to hear from other people who have had GD or have GD and how they have managed it.

Many thanks for all your time.

MercuryRising Tue 29-Dec-15 18:32:05

Hi. I am 28 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with GD two weeks ago. I monitored my bloods for a week but couldn't get my sugars low enough over night despite following the dietitians advice to the letter. I was prescribed metformin tablets but they made me really ill so today the dr has prescribed insulin for me to inject at bedtime every day. I really didn't want to be put onto insulin but think it will be better than being poorly and as it is only for a couple of months I think it is worth it to keep the baby healthy. I was very overwhelmed and emotional to begin with, but once I saw the dietitian and felt more in control I felt better. I am sure you are doing everything you can to keep your baby healthy. Try to stay positive I am sure you and baby will be fine smile

Rufus200 Tue 29-Dec-15 21:37:53

I was diagnosed with GD 7 weeks ago, now 34 weeks. I cut out almost all carbs and all sugar for 2 weeks. Then slowly introduced some sugar back in (chocolate). I had 3 days of metformin after 4 weeks of trying diet alone and had such an upset tummy so I gave up. My GD has temporarily disappeared since for the last week. I eat porridge for breakfast and 1 slice of bread in a very full sandwich for lunch, then a dinner with no carbs and a little bit of chocolate in the evening (life sucks without chocolate). I was told by 2 different Drs and a dietician I could have carbs and to keep them in my diet. I simply can't, they cause high BG. I would rather have choc then a potato or pasta anyway. My problem is high BG in the evening, so far always low fasting BG.
At my scan a week ago, baby had no body fat and I was told to up my calories. Having a growth scan in a week. If baby not laying down fat then he is coming out early.

Panther79 Wed 30-Dec-15 13:01:33

Hello both,

Thank you so much for sharing your own experiences.

Mercury same as you, I can't get my sugar low enough overnight and for this reason the hospital has prescribed Metformin tablets ( 5 tablets a day ) plus I have to use the insulin pen 4 times a day. Like yourself, I am very overwhelmed and burst into tears at the hospital. Thank you for your kind words and I am glad you are feeling better. flowers

Rufus, I noticed with carbs, even complex carbs, my sugar level spike up as well; I also saw the dietitian today and she said there was nothing really to change in my diet. I already had a healthy diet prior to pregnancy and carried on the same. I also had a growth scan last week and baby growth was in line with the gestation timeline. I have to go for another scan next week and again at week 36. I hope everything goes well for you and good luck for your scan. flowers

I am just relieved at the care I am receiving and grateful to the nhs as my brother passed away at age 44 due to diabetes related diseases a month ago and also my ma had a stillborn at full term. I am not coping very well and just keep worrying about the baby. I am keeping faith in the knowledge that I don't have long to go now.

I wish you both all the very best!

MercuryRising Wed 30-Dec-15 20:56:55

With all your family have been through I am unsurprised you are worried Panther. It sounds like you have everything under control. I am also very grateful for the NHS and the support of the specialist midwife, I definitely did not want this condition but do feel they are doing everything they can to keep me and baby safe.

It is not long now until you will have your beautiful baby in your arms. Have they talked about induction or an early c section yet?

I have just joined a very supportive group on fb called Gestational Diabetedls UK Mums which could be worth a look at. The ladies on there are very knowledgeable and helpful. Good luck to you both.

frangipani13 Thu 31-Dec-15 08:29:14

There is a gestational diabetes thread on here too I found it v useful when I was pregnant and diagnosed with GD. Mini babybels, hummus and kettle chips, nuts, sugar free jelly, olives were my go to snacks. I found it very hard at first and was gutted when I received my diagnosis (low weight pre pregnancy excellent diet etc) but my v supportive team and DH helped me through. My baby was on the small side so I think in hindsight my diet was was little too strict as I was determined not to go on insulin. The Facebook group is good but do remember that some foods give great readings for one person and not tho next also your tolerance may change from week to week. I found I could hardly eat any carbs first thing so a typical brekkie was scrambled egg, veggie sausage and rye bread or a Warburton thin. Please feel free to get in touch for more info if you want to. My baby is now a gorgeous 14 week old and GD is a distant memory! And don't forget you can have sugar as soon as you give birth!

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